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Waste King Legend 9930 Review

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For what you get with the Waste King 9930, the additional cost over the 9920 is, at least to me, worth it.

The difference between the two is that the 9930 comes with all stainless steel grinding components inside the chamber, whereas the 9920 has galvanized steel, heavy gauge steel, and some stainless steel. The 9920 will corrode much quicker than the 9930.

Notice I say “quicker,” because you should know that stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion, but in environments with high salinity or poor air circulation it will eventually corrode. Salinity may not be an issue, but there sure isn’t much air circulation inside your garbage disposal.

To really drive the point home, the warranty for the 9930 is 5 years and the 9920 is 2 years. There are owners of the 9920 that report still using it after 4 years, and some say it failed after 2-3 years. It likely has a lot to do with the chemistry of your local water, how often you use it, and what you put down your drain. But for sure, the 9930 will last longer than the 9920.


Aside from the different grinding components, there is no difference between the power of the 9930 and the 9920. The 9930 is a continuous feed disposal with a 3-bolt mount and 1/2 HP motor.


  • 1/2 HP Motor
  • 5 Year In-Home Service Warranty
  • 3-Bolt Mount with Stainless Steel components
  • 36 Inch Power Cord pre-installed
  • Non-removable splash guard
  • Safe for properly sized septic tanks
  • Stainless Steel grind ring, turntable, and impellers
  • Grinding chamber is made of Corrosion Proof Glass Filled Polyester
  • Continuous Feed (Wall switch activated)

Continuous Feed vs. Batch Feed

There is no performance difference between the batch feed and continuous feed disposals. Continuous feed is the most commonly used type, and is activated by a wall switch. You simply feed food scraps in as you run water down the drain and activate the switch.

In case you’re not familiar with batch feed, you load the disposal with food scraps then use the stopper to activate the disposal. This means the drain is closed before the disposal will activate and nothing else can enter the disposal except water that’s allowed to flow through the stopper. You can see how this would be safer with kids around as no hands can enter the disposal once it has been activated. When you remove the stopper the disposal automatically cuts off.

The Waste King 9930 is a continuous feed, but if you’re looking for a batch feed Waste King puts a “TC” at the end of their name. Check out the Waste King 9930TC for a 3-bolt mount type batch feed.

Is 1/2 HP enough power?

I’ve been using a 1/3 HP disposal for years and I find it is plenty of power. I cook daily and dispose of vegetable scraps and meat trimmings. With a 1/2 HP, you will have to grind a shorter amount of time and it should shake less compared to lower horsepower disposals when dealing with a heavy load.

Yes, you will have no trouble from a 1/2 HP disposal. The extra power isn’t much more expensive than the 9910.

Note: Here are the official recommendations by Anaheim Manufacturing Company (they make Waste King disposals).

“All types of food waste can be put down your disposer such as vegetable peels, fibrous materials, small bones, fruit pits, etc. Make sure when you do grind materials that you run lots of water through the sink while the unit runs. Items that you SHOULD NOT put down your disposer include large whole bones, clams, oyster shells, whole corn husks, glass, china, plastic, bottle caps, tin, aluminum foil, utensils, caustic drain cleaner, hot grease, or other hot liquids.”

Installation & the 3-Bolt Mount System

First, a little bit about the 3-bolt system compared to the EZ Mount. Though Waste King says there isn’t any difference between the durability of the two mounting systems, the 3-bolt system is made of stainless steel whereas the EZ mount is made of aluminum and plastic. There are fewer steps to install the EZ mount system, but don’t let that be the deciding factor since this is an install, if done correctly, will only need to be done once. It isn’t that difficult and if you prefer the stainless steel then don’t let the mounting difficulty sway your decision. Also, the splash guard for the 3-bolt system is not removable, which for most people doesn’t seem to be an issue.

There are a few things to be aware of before you do the install.

  • You need Plumber’s Putty. It goes around the sink flange to ensure no leaks occur. Some guides completely miss this step and it is one of the easiest places for a leak to occur.
  • You should have a standard 3 pronged outlet in place under your sink.
  • If you have a dishwasher, you attach the dishwasher discharge hose to a designated port on the side of the disposal. You must knock out the plug in this port before attaching. DO NOT knock out the plug if you won’t be attaching a dishwasher hose.

The power cord should come already attached to your Waste King disposal. Many other disposals don’t even come with the cord, but this helps ensure you don’t end up with wiring issues that fry your disposal.

The dimensions of the 9930 are 9″ x 9″ x 14.3″. Depending on the piping you have in place you may need to use an extension to get everything to match up correctly.

Official Waste King Installation Videos: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions about the Waste King 9930

Q: I want to swap my Badger disposal with the 9930. Can I just swap the disposals and keep the mount in place?

A: No, the mounts attach a bit differently to the disposals so you will need to replace the mount. Also, the old mount may be worn and not hold up for the life of the new disposal. Don’t be lazy!

Q: Does it come with a power cord?

A: Yes, all Waste King disposals come with a 36-inch power cord attached.

Q: Is the splash guard removable?

A: No, splash guards on units with the 3-bolt mount are not removable.

Q: Does it have a dishwasher connection?

A: Yes, there is a knock-out plug you must remove before attaching the dishwasher hose. Do not knock the plug out unless you intend to attach a dishwasher.

Q: There was an extra splash guard included with my 9930 disposal. What is it for?

A: The second splash guard is sized for an InSinkErator 3-bolt ISE flange. If you remove the original hush collar and metal flange from the Waste King 9930, you can transfer the 3-bolt metal collar from an old InSinkErator disposal to the 9930. You can then attach the 9930 to the original ISE 3-bolt mount that was already in place. Note: this is completely optional and most people will not need the extra splash guard.

Warranty for the Waste King 9930

The 9930 comes with a 5 Year In-home Service Warranty. This means that if at any time during the first 5 years, your Waste King disposer has a material or mechanical defect then Waste King will replace it free of charge.

You do not have to register your disposal, just have the serial number on hand when calling their customer service (1-800-854-3229). It is located on the side of the disposal.

Upgrade Suggestions

If more power is what you want, then the 3/4 HP Waste King 9940 is a nice upgrade. It’s continuous feed and comes with a 3-bolt mount.

If you’re looking for a similarly powerful disposal with EZ mount, then check out the Waste King L-2600. It’s continuous feed as well and comes with an EZ mount, which has a removable splash guard.


Motor Horsepower
Motor Speed
Sink Flange
Splash Guard
Grind Ring
Swivel Impellers
Grinding Chamber
Motor Horsepower1/2 HP
Motor Speed2600 RPM
Current4.5 Amps
Sink FlangeStainless Steel
Splash GuardNot removable
Grind RingStainless Steel
Swivel ImpellersStainless Steel
TurntableStainless Steel
HopperGlass filled nylon
Grinding ChamberCorrosion proof glass filled polyester
Weight10.48 lbs