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Best Wall-Mount Shower Shelves

There are a variety of ways to add storage to your shower. This article covers wall-mounted shower shelves that either require drilling or uses adhesives. These are great for tiled showers. They’re a more permanent solution and allow you to install them exactly where and how you like.

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An individual shelf can’t hold a ton of weight, so we favor installing several shelves instead of trying to fit a lot of bottles on one.

Other options include shower caddies, shower shelves that use suction or adhesives, shower tension rods, and freestanding shower shelves. These are all great options, but they each have certain requirements to be installed or used.

Suction cups cannot hold much weight and are a nuisance when they keep falling down. Adhesives, sometimes combined with the suction cups, work very well, but they may require a large area to be free from tile grout to work properly.

You simply may not have enough room for a freestanding shower caddy or tension rod. Tension rods have much of the same problems as suction cup shower caddies in that they tend to be awkward to install and can’t handle much weight.

There are some great solutions out there for the other categories if you’re interested. Check out our shower caddy review article. Just keep in mind the limitations and installation requirements.

Don’t want to drill into your tile shower? If none of the other shower shelf or caddy options appeal to you, then consider installing a shelf just on the outside of your shower. That way you’re just drilling into drywall. You still have all your bottles within reach.

3-Tier Stainless Corner Shower Shelf from Owofan

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Installation Type: Drill

This 3-tier set of shelves require a 90 degree corner for installation. They’re made from stainless steel (grade 304) and include all the mounting hardware and screw covers.

You have the freedom to install these with whatever vertical separation you need so that you can fit large shampoo bottles.

KES Aluminum and Glass Rectangular Shower Shelf

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Installation Type: Drill

Aluminum is a great alternative to steel and the extra-thick tempered glass looks modern and sleek.

All necessary mounting hardware is included. The dimensions are 13.6″ W x 4.7″ D x 11.4″ H. Installation only requires you to drill hole for 2 wall anchors and then attach the shelf with 2 screws. The maximum weight capacity is 4 kilograms or about 8.8 lbs.

HomeIdeas 14″ 2-Tier Frosted Glass Shelf

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Installation Type: Drill

This 2-tier model is 14″ wide and there is a 1-tier 19″ model available as well. The brackets are stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish. You get about 10.5″ between shelves and the glass is 5.5″ deep.

Lancher Adhesive Suction Corner Shower Shelf

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Installation Type: Adhesive & Suction

This corner shower shelf used a combination of adhesive and suction cups. The adhesive requires a smooth 4″ x 4″ area to be installed properly. This won’t work for showers with small tiles.

If you’re looking for a no-drill option, then this is one of the best shelves available for the price. It does require a 90 degree angle to be installed properly, so no rounded corners. Also, it’s ideal for being installed in RV’s since you often have limited space available.

It’s made of solid Aluminum.

Gricol Adhesive Shower Shelf

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Installation Type: Adhesive

This shelf uses a combination of glue and self-adhesive tape. It’s made from aluminum, so you don’t have to worry about rust.

Be sure to follow the installation instructions closely. The glue needs to dry for at least 24 hours before you use the shelf, but two or three days would be best.

The shelf supports up to 20 lbs.

KES 2-Tier Glass Shelf with Stainless Steel Frame

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Installation Type: Drill

The posts are heavy-duty and constructed from type 304 stainless steel with added chromium and nickel to protect against rust. If you have some larger anchors consider switching to those. The ones included are somewhat small.