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Wahl Peanut Classic Clipper and Trimmer

With the ongoing cordless craze, you may be wondering where you can get a reliable hair clipper/trimmer that doesn’t have a battery that’s going to fail. No weakening of power mid-cut if you forget to keep the battery charged. Just a commercial grade clipper that can easily be used on the road if need be.

Why not go with what the professionals use?


The Wahl Peanut Classic doesn’t compromise function or style. It has a compact and comfortable design that fits in the palm of your hand. You get the power and performance of a full-size clipper in a miniature size.

If you’re looking for a trimmer to bring with you when travelling, this is ideal. If you’re planning to travel outside the US, you should note that it can be used only in 110v outlets. So make sure to buy a corresponding travel adapter depending on the country you’re visiting.

What if you want to bring it with you while traveling?

  • A battery powered trimmer of the same size will always be weaker. You can’t integrate a small battery with the same motor and get the same power.
  • No need to worry about keeping it charged. That means consistent power that won’t fade or fail.
  • It’s only 4 inches long and weighs 4 ounces.
  • Detachable blade for easy cleaning

What Is the Wahl Peanut Used For?

The Wahl Peanut is used for professional clipping and trimming. You can use it for shaving, but keep in mind though, that as a shaver it might leave your skin irritated and a razor may be better. 

Small but Powerful

The Peanut clipper uses a powerful rotary motor, which is actually considered the best out of three types (pivot, magnetic, and rotary). It offers high performance in power and blade speed, and lasts longer. 

Wahl Peanut trimmers are quiet and don’t heat up the clipper. With a cord length of 7 feet, you can move around freely with the device, and the long cord affords freedom of movement generally.

Great Beard Trimmer

The best beard trimmers have a strong motor behind them, and the Peanut is a good example of this. The other thing that makes this trimmer so popular is the fact that it’s very easy to handle because of its dimensions and light weight. 

If you ever used standard trimmers, you know how they can be heavy and difficult to use, and you end up with irritated skin and an uneven trim. The Peanut is small, light, and easy to use with much better control while trimming your beard. 

Can You Cut Hair with Wahl Peanut?

Yes, of course. The trimmer comes with 4 attachment combs so you select the one corresponding to your hair length. It works well for people who want their hair at ½ inch or shorter but if you want to leave your hair longer than that, you’ll have to use a clipper over comb technique.    

You Can Cut Your Child’s Hair

This trimmer isn’t only for adults. You can also use it to clip your kids’ hair. Its quiet motor won’t startle your child while you do the task. In fact, I find it to be compact with a good design that’s easy to use on different styles of hair.

Can I Use It to Groom My Dog?

You can even use the Wahl Peanut Clipper to trim your dog’s fur. The trimmer’s compactness (4 ounces, and 4 inches in length) makes it easy to maneuver while doing the task.

With the 4 attachment combs, it’s easy to achieve a certain length of your pet’s fur and to make sure it’s evenly cut. 

How Do I Clean My Wahl Peanut Trimmer?

After Every Haircut With a Cleaning Brush

If you want your Wahl Peanut Trimmer to last longer you should take care of it after every haircut. That means wiping off the hair from the blade with some sort of a cleaning brush. 

This can be your old toothbrush, or even your old makeup brush. 

Oil Cleaning Before Every Haircut

To ensure that you get best performance out of your clipper, Wahl recommends that you oil the blades before each use. To do this properly, turn  the clipper downwards. 

Then turn on the clipper and put 2-3 drops of Wahl Clipper Oil across the top blade. Turn off the clipper and wipe off the excess oil so it doesn’t run into the motor compartment.

Every few weeks

Once every few weeks, you need to do a deeper cleaning of the blade and use blade wash to remove all the grime and dirt that has piled up on the teeth of the blade. This trimmer comes with a detachable blade for easy cleaning.

Things like hair styling products, sweat, and dead skin cells can slow down the blade and make the motor work harder. After some time this could damage the motor and shorten the life of your trimmer. 

This is the perfect time to open up the trimmer by removing the detachable blade and clearing out any hair from the space behind the blade using the cleaning brush. 

Is Wahl a Good Brand?

Wahl has been providing a variety of clippers, trimmers, and razors for more than a 100 years. They have a reputation as one of the best in the business. If you ever visited a barbershop and had a haircut, then most likely it was done with a Wahl product.


Usually when you buy a cheap beard trimmer, it has  a tendency to break down within a few weeks. 

Not this little guy. Wahl has a reputation for quality, and offers a top-notch rotary motor, which means this trimmer should handle heavy use. If you still have concerns, Wahl backs this up with a limited one-year warranty.

Do I Need a Clipper or Trimmer

So what exactly is the difference between a clipper and a trimmer and why is the Wahl Peanut good at both?

Let’s take a look

Aside from the obvious size difference between the Wahl Designer Clipper and the Wahl Peanut Trimmer, you get a more powerful motor and larger blade.


The big difference is the taper lever. Clippers normally come with taper levers that let you easily blend and fade. You’re able to slide the blade guard up or down as you’re cutting hair. To do this same action with a Peanut trimmer, you will need to be more skilled with a comb.

So while the Wahl Peanut is considered a compact trimmer/clipper, there are features in a traditional clipper that it’s lacking. But for most people this isn’t a big issue.

If you’re looking to trim your beard, do simple haircuts, or trim any other area of the body, the Wahl Peanut can handle it.


The standard attachment combs are 4 cutting guides:

  • 1/8 Inch (S-1)
  • 1/4 Inch (S-2)
  • 3/8 Inch (S-3)
  • 1/2 Inch (S-4)


The Wahl Peanut Clipper and Trimmer is an excellent choice for a variety of uses. I find that it offers great value for the money and is an affordable choice. 

It’ll pay for itself after just a few uses, compared to the average cost of a hair stylist. It’s more of a classic trimmer than the ones offering all kinds of bells and whistles. Wahl focused here on what really matters in a trimmer: power, reliability, and ease of use.