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The Unending Versatility of Your Vacuum Cleaner

canister vacuum cleaner on carpet

You already know your vacuum cleaner sweeps up dirt and debris from your carpets and floors. It is good to find out more information on the top rated vacuum cleaners. Aside from that, here are eleven other uses for your main-machine you might not have thought of:

It has Good Scents

Cotton balls are also handy little things and can be used to assist your vacuum cleaner to freshen up your home’s scent. Drench a cotton ball with essential lavender oil or another of your favorite scents and toss it in your bag or canister prior to cleaning. The air blowing out of your cleaner will smell fresh and clean as opposed to musty and stale. You can also use perfume, but that might be a bit much for the other household members so keep that in mind when pouring it on and firing it up.

The Festival of Flea-Removal

If you’re like me, you like to be as green as you can be all the time. And, if you’re a pet owner, you’ve also dealt with fleas and the large amount of chemical-based options out there for flea-removal. Instead of chemicals, sweep up those fleas with your vacuum cleaner. If your pet will let you, run a safe hose-attachment right along your pet’s fur. The suction motion kills an average of 96% of the grown fleas it affects. Better yet, it kills 100% of the larvae and pupae-stage fleas. Just be sure to throw that bag away outside or clean out your canister thoroughly (if using a bagless unit) right after flea-removal.


Always remember to use your hose attachments on your windowsills and blinds at least once a week to help reduce allergens and additional dust buildup in your homes. Once spring and summer come around, windows tend to be thrown wide open. It’s a great feeling, but it also tends to allow pollen, dust and small debris into your home. Did you know you can also run that soft brush or crevice attachment over your window screens and screen doors? You can – just be gentle.

Crumbs Are Crumby

You should always clean out your vacuum’s attachments after each use, seriously. One reason is that you can also use them for crumb-removal in your kitchen. You can reach under your stove grates or in your toaster with the crevice tool and clean out hardened residue in your oven or the drawer underneath it. Obviously, you will then need to follow up by wiping down, cleaning and disinfecting your oven, stove or drawers as usual, but using your vacuum attachments first helps to eliminate having to pick up crumbs by hand (which is nearly impossible to do properly).

Ice, Ice, Baby

You like to keep it fresh, so you rearrange your furniture often. Or, you haven’t done it recently, so you figure it’s time for a change. Alas, every time you move a chair or couch, there’s a dent in your carpet. Drop ice cubes in any unsightly holes and allow them to melt. The cold water will help the carpet fibers restore themselves to a natural state. Then vacuum with an appropriate attachment to bring the carpet piles upright and looking new again.


Your dryer’s lint screen always seems to have extra lint stuck to it no matter how many times you clean it out. Use a freshly cleaned and dried brush attachment on the lint screen and use the crevice tool to get excess debris/fabric/fibers inside the lint cavity itself. Your dryer will work more efficiently and last longer by you doing this kind of extra maintenance on it.

I Mean, You Do Sit On These Things

Your sofa or loveseat cushions are comfortable and awesome. Do you really want to take the time to always put on fresh clothes after work before sitting on them? Likely not. Odors build up, and that’s just a part of life. Some items like throw pillows, throw rugs or thicker sofa covers can’t be washed in machines. In those cases, baking soda is your odor-fighting friend. Sprinkle a light amount of baking soda on the offending furniture or cushions and allow it to do its magic for 30 minutes. Then use the upholstery attachment and vacuum up the baking soda right along with the odors. Just be sure to clean out your machine thoroughly to prevent a powdery buildup that can eventually clog your hoses and filters.

All Coiled Up

Use that crevice device to get behind your fridge and remove dust and debris from the coils. This will help keep your refrigerator running better and longer by preventing it from overheating. Pull out the fridge if you can and get the floor and walls back there too. This will prevent leftover dust from floating up and re-sticking to the coils you just cleaned.

Double Clicking Leads to Double Dirty

Before you run your vacuum’s brush and/or crevice attachments over your laptop or computer keyboard, turn the keyboard upside down and gently shake loose any debris stuck in or around the keys. Trust me; there will be more hidden in there than you thought. You can lightly dab a Q-tip into rubbing alcohol and swab around and on each key as well. Toothpicks also work for crumbs or smaller debris that is harder to shake loose. Oh yes, and make sure your laptop or desktop is powered off completely before doing any cleaning of its surfaces to avoid damage from static electricity.

Creatively Clean Everything

I encourage you to try new ways of using your vacuum cleaner to help get your house in tip-top shape for any occasion. That soft, brush attachment does wonders on lampshades, books, TV’s and speakers as well. Just use a healthy dose of caution with your creativity then go to town!