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Shark Vacuum Accessories Review—What Do You Really Need?

Your vacuum cleaner is one of the most flexible cleaning machine in your arsenal—especially if you know about the various Shark vacuum accessories. Shark vacuum accessories are designed to help you clean every area of your home—not just the floor.

Generally speaking, vacuum accessories are supposed to be incredibly helpful—and not confusing. But with everyone leading busy lives, it’s not uncommon to end up reusing the same tool over and over.

Some people might even skip using tools altogether because they don’t want to waste time getting to know what each tool is used for. But doing this will only lead to limiting how much and where you can clean.  

Below we show you the nitty-gritty of Shark vacuum accessories so you can make the most out of your cleaning sessions.

You’ll also find reviews of some of the best Shark vacuum accessories on the market today.

Shark Vacuum Accessories

The Shark vacuum accessories that come with your unit will vary depending on the model you buy. You might find that you purchase one Shark vacuum and that it comes with a certain set of accessories.

Then you might buy another model years later to find it has different tools than your previous vacuum.

Here’s the rundown of the different tools that are likely to be shipped with your Shark vacuum:

Crevice Tool

The crevice tool is a must-have accessory because it’s perfect for getting into small spaces and corners, and providing you with extra reach and precision. They’re great for vacuuming skirting boards, down the side of a couch cushion, and for car seats.

An example of a crevice tool is this one which comes with the Shark Navigator:

Shark Genuine Navigator 112FFJ Crevice Tool and DUST Brush

You might even get a combination crevice/duster tool. If you do, you can slide the dusting brush side to easily get rid of dust with the soft bristles.

Just remember not to suck up anything too large; otherwise, the tool can become clogged.

Upholstery Tool

By the name itself, you can tell that this tool is meant to get rid of dust and lint from upholstery. The most common types of upholstery that you can clean using this tool include vinyl, leather, and cloth material.

It’s a wide, flat tool with powerful suction that is perfect for cleaning car seats, cushions, curtains, couches, and more.

This upholstery tool is compatible with Shark Navigator vacuums:

LANMU Replacement Upholstery Tool Attachment

Pet Tool

This tool allows you to easily get rid of embedded pet hair from upholstery, rugs, couches, and stairs.

You’ll recognize this as a pet tool because it’s a bristle brush-roll that’s included with all Shark TruePet vacuums. It’s also available to purchase separately.

Here’s an example of a TruePet motorized brush tool:

Shark OEM original genuine TruePet Motorized Brush

Dust Brush

A dust brush usually comes with a Shark vacuum cleaner. This accessory has a circular brush head that’s effective at picking up particles and dust from surfaces. With this tool, you can clean oddly shaped surfaces, blinds, baseboards, and even silk plants.

Additionally, the dust brush works wonders at cleaning wooden surfaces, shelves, and window blinds.

If you’re using the dust brush to vacuum delicate items, such as drapes, make sure to open the vent on the vacuum hose to reduce the suction strength as much as possible, so you don’t ruin the material.

Below is an example of a dust brush attachment that’s compatible with Shark Rocket vacuums:

Genuine Shark Rocket Dusting Brush Attachment; Part Number 229FFJV300

Bare Floor Brush

A bare floor brush is used for cleaning flooring that isn’t carpet. It keeps every type of hardwood flooring clean and takes care of small dust particles on the surface to keep your floor looking spotless.

This example bare floor brush works well on hard floors:

ZVac Compatible Universal Floor Brush

Carpet Tool

A carpet tool is used to clean small and large high-end rugs, carpets, and even very short nap carpet.

You can even use this accessory to clean fancy rugs, loopy rugs, shaggy area rugs, hardwood floors, and regular plush carpet.

EZ SPARES 1 1/4 inch 32mm Universal Vacuum Cleaner Euro Floor Brush Head


What Other Shark Vacuum Accessories Can I Use?

A Shark vacuum cleaner can be used anywhere in your home. There are several other tools you can purchase to make your vacuum even more flexible.


Car Detail Kit

These tools make it easy to clean car interiors because they come with small, fine brushes, and precision nozzles.

Additionally, they come with a flexible hose to help you reach even further out—which is perfect for those hard-to-reach areas in a car that can easily gather dust; for example, like around controls, dashboards, door pockets, and cupholders.

Car Detail Kit


  • Works well with Shark Rocket vacuums
  • Can safely and easily remove dust from the tiniest spaces


  • Doesn’t fit all Shark vacuums
  • The bristles bend easily


Upper-Appliance Wand

It may look unusual, but this extendable wand has been designed to give you extra length so you can easily clean under appliances and low-lying furniture.

It can do all of this because of the bend in the tool. It’s also tipped with dusting bristles to prevent scratches.

To use the dusting bristles, you simply flip the wand to clean the tops of cupboards.

Upper-Appliance Wand


  • Extremely useful when cleaning under low-lying furniture and appliances
  • You don’t have to move as much furniture
  • Fits most Shark vacuum cleaners


  • Flimsy
  • Not much suction
  • Doesn’t work for the Shark ION FLEX


Dusting Brush

This tool is great for detailed or fiddly areas that gather dust. It features short bristles that lift fine dust from shelves, skirting boards, and other surfaces while a wide opening for the vacuum’s suction removes dirt.

Dusting Brush


  • Can bend to fit sharp angles
  • Acceptable for light dusting
  • Quickly dusts furniture for you


  • The hinge is almost too flexible


Mini Motorized Brush

This is the best tool out of all Shark vacuum accessories if you have small spaces that need to be cleaned, but you only have an upright vacuum.

It acts as a mini vacuum, complete with brushes to sweep debris and dirt into the vacuum.

Mini Motorized Brush

Additionally, cleaning the stairs has never been easier with this accessory. It’s also helpful for cleaning out cars in minutes—especially if you have kids and unknown messes in the back seat.

Make sure that you’re purchasing the right accessory that works with your Shark vacuum model.


  • Works well on upholstery, stairs, and more
  • The big head with the beater bar works great at lifting debris and dirt from fabric and carpet
  • Works great for picking up pet hair


  • Make sure to get the right tool for your vacuum cleaner because this doesn’t fit all models


Felt and Foam Filter Kit

There are way too many vacuum cleaners on the market today that blow dust and dirt everywhere because of an ill-placed exhaust port.

But thanks to this felt and foam filter kit for the Shark Navigator, you can reduce the number of allergens and pollutants that float in the air.

Felt and Foam Filter Kit

The kit comes with washable foam filters, one HEPA filter, and a felt pre-filter replacement kit. This kit works great for all Shark vacuums that are included in the specific model numbers within the listing.


  • These filters are better than the filters that come with your Shark vacuum
  • The foam is slightly bigger than the filter cavity, so there’s a snug fit
  • Keeps dust and allergens out of the air


  • Won’t fit all Shark vacuums


Multi-Angle Dusting Brush

You won’t always have big jobs to clean, but you might have one big pile of dust that needs to be taken care of. This is because some locations of your house are more likely to collect dust than others; for example, the shelves and the top of your ceiling fan blades.

With this attachment, you can clean those areas better without making an even bigger mess.

Multi-Angle Dusting Brush


  • Exactly like the original tool
  • It does a great job cleaning up dust in hard to reach areas of your home


  • You need to find the right dusting brush accessory that fits your Shark vacuum


Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

This vent dryer vent cleaning kit makes it easier for you to clean out your dryer vent more often. With this tool, you can reach deep inside the dryer vent and suck up years’ worth of built-up dryer lint. It’s the easiest way to power clean your dryer.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

You may consider investing in this accessory if you suspect your dryer vent is clogged, which will make the dryer motor work harder and possibly lead to dryer repairs.

The cleaning kit hose is approximately 28 inches long. This allows you to go deep inside the vent and the exhaust hose to get built-up lint. You can even use it outdoors to pick up trapped lint from your exterior dryer vent.


  • Prevents dryer vent fires
  • Goes deep inside the dryer vent to clean out built-up dryer lint
  • Can make your dyer more efficient


  • Doesn’t fit all Shark vacuums
  • Doesn’t fit into all dryer vents


Upholstery Tool

This attachment has lint catching fabric strips that are perfect for getting the dust off of cushions, mattresses, chairs, and couches.

It’s also wide enough to clean your furniture in fewer passes. It can easily pick up pet hair and large debris so you can keep your furniture looking brand new. It’s easy to use and is made from high-quality material.

Upholstery Tool


  • Easily cleans pet hair and dust from furniture
  • Made from high-quality materials


  • Doesn’t work on all Shark vacuum cleaners


Bare Floor Tool

This tool has stiff, short bristles that can get rid of fine grit and dust from tiles and hardwood floors.

It’s durable enough for big crumbs but gentle enough for delicate dusting on bare floors. It will remove large debris and wipe away fine dust in one easy pass. This tool also comes with one microfiber pad.

Bare Floor Tool


  • Great for removing dust and debris before washing and polishing the floors
  • Works great at cleaning your floors
  • Considered a must-have for homes with non-carpeted floors


  • Doesn’t fit all Shark vacuum cleaners


Final Thoughts

All in all, there’s quite a list of Shark vacuum accessories for purchase. If you can imagine an accessory, it probably exists. With these Shark vacuum accessories, it’s never been easier to keep your home clean.

The accessories in the list above include crevice tools, dust brushes, upholstery brushes, pet brushes, wands, and more. All of these accessories were designed with a specific purpose in mind and can be used to clean most spaces in your home; not just floors.

For example, the upper appliance wand can be used to clean under your electronics such as televisions, microwaves, ovens, and more. It can also get to hard to reach areas like high shelves. It’s good at removing debris and dust, which makes this tool even more valuable.

The thing that you need to remember is that Shark vacuum accessories aren’t interchangeable between models. You must find accessories that match the model of your Shark vacuum cleaner; otherwise, they won’t fit and, therefore, won’t work.

In fact, it can be frustrating because you might buy an accessory just to find out that it doesn’t fit your Shark model.

So, before you purchase any Shark vacuum accessory, do your research to ensure that you’re getting the correct tool for your vacuum cleaner. This not only saves you money but also helps you find other accessories that you might want to purchase that fit your Shark vacuum.