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Shark Rocket Vs Dyson Ball Vacuums

The Shark Rocket Series may look like the Dyson V6 and V8 vaccums, but many people don’t realize at a glance that the Shark Rocket vacuums are corded.

Check out the comparisons I did between the Shark Rocket and Dyson V6 and V8 vacuums here.

I think it’s very apropos to compare the Shark Rocket and Dyson Ball series, specifically the Compact Ball and Multi Floor 2 versions. The Shark Rocket Series are 2-in-1 vacuums, but don’t have the same limitations as most 2-in-1’s because they are corded. The smaller form factor of the Dyson Ball Compact and Multi Floor 2 make them much more similar to the Shark Rocket Series than the Dyson 2-in-1’s.

Now, let’s get started.

Being compact vacuums, one big compromise is the size of the dustbin. Both the Shark TruePet and Dyson Ball Compact are roughly the same size, around a quarter of a gallon. If these are your primary vacuums, expect to be emptying them at least once per cleaning session. Realistically, you will need to empty them several times, especially if you don’t vacuum very often.

Check out this video and see how much cleaning you can do before filling up the dustbin.

While the Shark dustbin appears to be smaller, the Dyson’s “full” line is the true indicator of the usable size of the dustbin.

Multi Floor Capabilities
Dustbin Size
Form Factor
Stands by itself
Filter Type
Washable Filter
Cleaning Path
Model #
Shark Rocket TruePet
Shark Rocket TruePet
Multi Floor CapabilitiesVariable power brushroll is capable of cleaning any flooring type
Dustbin SizeAbout 0.26 gallons (1L)
Form Factor2-in-1; Converts to hand vac for versatile floor-to-ceiling cleaning
Stands by itselfNo
Filter Type3-piece Foam & Felt Filter
Washable FilterYes, but may need to be replaced periodically.
Cleaning Path10″
PowerCord, 30 Feet
AttachmentsHome & Car Detail kit, Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment with 1 microfiber pad
Note: You will need to buy replacement microfiber pads if you want to use this frequently.TruePet Motorized Brush


ExtrasQuick release cleaner head with foot.and
LED Headlight


WeightAbout 9 lbs
Warranty5 Years
Model #HV322
Dyson Ball Compact Animal
Dyson Ball Compact Animal
Multi Floor CapabilitiesThe cleaner head self-adjusts for optimal contact on every floor type. The brush bar has a mixture of stiff nylon bristles and carbon fiber filaments. On carpets, the nylon bristles remove ground-in dirt, and on hard floors the ultra-fine carbon fiber filaments remove fine dust.
Dustbin SizeAbout 0.21 gallons
Form FactorUpright
Stands by itselfYes, of course
Filter TypePre motor filter and exhaust filter.
Washable FilterWashable
Cleaning Path11″
PowerCord, 25 Feet
AttachmentsTangle-free Turbine tool, Combination tool, Stair tool
ExtrasQuick release wand: DC50 Animal has a quick release, long reach wand for cleaning stairs and awkward areas. The wand releases and retracts in a single action and the handle collapses into the hose after use.
WeightAbout 12 lbs
Warranty5 Years
Model #DC50

The Dyson is bulkier than the Shark Rocket, so you will be able to better reach under furniture with the Shark. You can get the Rocket nearly completely horizontal, so getting under beds and tables will be no problem.

Check out this video for a comparison of the Shark Rocket vs the Dyson Ball upright for getting under a bed.

Ergonomically, the Shark is very competitive. The Dyson Ball is well-known for being maneuverable, but where the Shark Rocket beats is its form factor.

Dyson, yet again, has a superior filtration system. It’s easier to clean and the filters are meant to last the life of the vacuum, but the Shark filters will wear out before the Dyson. This isn’t a huge issue, as they are very cheap.

You can also check out the performance of the Dyson Ball Compact Animal in this video.

The features of the Shark Rocket match the Dyson Ball Compact Animal in most categories. The Shark Rocket TruePet beats out the Dyson in terms of versatility, but the Dyson has superior filtration. Again, Shark really looks attractive here because of its price. The Shark TruePet costs less than half that of the Dyson Ball Compact Animal.

Shark Rocket DuoClean Vs. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2

The Shark DuoClean bring a unique feature to the table. It has two brushrolls, one for bare floors and one for carpet, that work simultaneously.

The Dyson Multi Floor 2 has a self-adjusting cleaner head that gets a great seal on all types of flooring, so even fine dust on bare floors will get picked up. They’re both really competitive as far as cleaning performance goes, so you need to get down to more divisive features to make up your mind on what’s right for you.

You still get all of the accessories included with the TruePet with the DuoClean, like the Mini Motorized Brush.