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Shark Genius Steam Mop—A Perfect Choice for Many Households

Let’s face it: without a reliable and efficient machine, mopping floors can be a daunting task. But investing in a Shark product is your saving grace. It’s a reliable brand that was developed by Euro-Pro Operating LLC.

This company is among the most innovative in designing cleaning solutions and household aids. It began in Europe and is now headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts.

Established as a market leader of user-friendly, lightweight, and affordable products, Shark has a reputation of easing household chores with their continued R&D into household products and appliances.

Today we’re going to review the Shark Genius Steam Mop. It’s a next-generation model that includes some of the latest features, and reduces all the more your direct contact with dirty and wet cleaning pads.

New and improved absorbing pads coupled with Steam Blaster Technology help in breaking up dirt and sanitizing sealed hard floors with just the power of steam.

That being said, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Shark Genius Steam Mop and why it’s perfect for the needs of many households.

Why Opt for a Steam Mop?

If you dread mopping as much as most of us, then you need a reliable mop that can efficiently get the job done while demanding minimal effort from you.

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D) Steam Mop

If you don’t want to invest in a robot mop that can cost an arm and a leg, then an everyday step mop is your best bet (granted, the archaic bucket and mop system is also the most familiar and affordable route).

But steam mops are more affordable than you may think. Factor in the fact that you won’t need to invest in additional cleaning solutions, along with the time and hassle saved from no rinsing and wringing.

Seen in this light, steam mops may be a worthwhile investment for you.


What Does a Shark Genius Steam Mop Have to Offer?

When ordering the mop it comes with three easy-to-install attachments, a user manual, two washable grip pads, a quick start guide, and a water filling reservoir. These are standard with all Shark steam mops.

Additional or replacement cleaning pads are available online at an affordable price. Here’s a breakdown of what the Shark Genius Steam Mop has in store for buyers:

Fushing 3Pcs Steam Mop Pads
  • Steam Blaster: A technology that directs a powerful jet of steam on sticky, dried, or stubborn stains to break them down almost instantaneously.

  • Dirt-Grip Pads: An upgrade from your humble microfiber pads, these dirt-grip counterparts actually grab and hold dirt. They’re double-sided, allowing you to flip the steam mop head to use the clean side of the pad.

  • Intelligent Steam Control: This involves three settings that allow you to customize your preferred level of steam depending on the specific cleaning job.

  • Touch-free Technology: The steam mop head pops open with one touch of a button, thus releasing the dirt pad without the need to touch it. This in turn protects you from potentially burning your hands with the steamy water.

  • Steam Channeling System: This uniformly distributes the steam across the pad for an optimal cleaning width.


Shark Genius Steam Mop Dimensions

These mops are narrow enough in terms of depth (7 inches) to allow you to scoot them into tight spaces, for instance behind toilets.

The 13-inch pad is sufficiently wide for reducing the amount of effort (and swipes) you need to make when mopping.

It can also lay nearly flat and provides enough swivel to reach under low-clearance furniture.

  • Depth (mop head and body): 8 inches
  • Cord: 22 feet
  • Length: 1 inches
  • Width: 8 inches
  • Mop head and pad: 13” X 7”


Water Tank

The Shark Genius Steam Mop contains an on-board water tank with a capacity of 350 ml. It can comfortably clean more than 100 square feet of floor on a single fill on the lowest steam setting. But larger areas and heavier dirt will demand at least two refills.

While this handy household appliance has a water filter, it’s advisable to use distilled water. Doing so diminishes streaks and doesn’t leave mineral deposits found in hard water that otherwise clog the spray nozzles.

You don’t need to add detergents and other cleaning solutions to the water tank. It’s one of the selling points of the Shark Genius Steam Mop. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly product with no chemical residue, then this is a major benefit.

Do you want extra cleaning power or fragrance? Then you can soak the cleaning pad with the cleaner. Alternatively, you can spray it directly on your floors before cleaning. Refrain from putting a cleaning solution in the tank; only water!

On the flip side, the water tank is not detachable. So, filling it up entails propping up the steam mop, leaning it over, and uncapping the tank to fill it with the included refill cup.

According to the user manual, you should drain all the water from the tank before tucking it away in your steam mop. This involves turning it upside down over a sink or tub to empty it.


Cleaning Pads

These are designed to keep dirt locked tightly in their fibers, even more than their conventional microfiber counterparts.

The Shark Genius Steam Mop comes with two “dirt-grip” cleaning pads. And they’re washable, which allows you to always have a clean pad available.

With state-of-the-art touch-free technology, you can install and remove the pads without actually touching them. They’re also double-sided, allowing you to turn them over to a clean side while mopping.

As a tip, Shark recommends replacing each pad every four months if you have heavily soiled floors that require daily deep cleaning.

In the meantime you can gently wash them without using fabric softener or bleach (this would prematurely deteriorate the fibers anyway). Softener also impedes the pads’ absorption power, so using plain detergent will do the trick before hanging them out to dry.


A Step-By-Step Process on How to Use the Shark Genius Steam Mop

Despite the perks, there are a few downsides to using this steam mop: for starters, the absence of an off and on switch. Secondly, it doesn’t naturally sit upright. So leaving it propped against a wall or furniture demands increased vigilance on your part.

Unlike its rivals in the industry, the Shark Genius Steam Mop is relatively easy to use. It’s advisable to refer to the user manual for more in-depth illustrations and instructions.

1. Set Up the Device

Start by snapping the handle’s top part onto the body, then place the mop head on it. It’s easy enough to set up and you don’t need tools.

2. Fill the Water Tank

Open the top of the water tank and fill it with distilled water using the included measuring cup. Carefully pour the water until it gets to the fill line. Don’t fill the tank to the brim to avoid making a mess.

3. Attach the Cleaning Pad

Place a clean pad on the floor with the striped side facing down. Then, insert the mop head’s edges into the pad’s slots, get the unit off the ground, and fold over the head.

4. Power it Up

Plug in the steam mop to get it up and running.

5. Select a Steam Level

Press the power button: one time, twice, or three times to access the different steam levels. Different lights indicate your chosen level.

6. Mop Away

Once you plug in the machine, keep in mind that it can take up to 30 seconds to heat. Once the steam soars to temperatures of 212 °F, it will seep through to the cleaning pad.

If you opt for the Spray Blaster to get rid of stubborn stains, turn over the mop head and target the steam spray at the dirt, then flip it back and mop it away.

7. Shut Down

Once you’re done cleaning, unplug the steam mop and switch it off. Take off the pad by activating the release lever under the handle.

You can directly release the pad right into your washing machine or a hamper, ready to wash without getting your hands dirty or wet.

Loop the power cord on the storage hook that sits on the handle. Lastly, remember to pour out leftover water in the tank over a tub or sink before storing away the machine.

Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D) Steam Mop

When it comes to manoeuvrability, you may at times find the Shark Genius Steam Mop challenging to push after starting it up, when excessive friction is present.

So, the trick is to first dampen the cleaning pad to diminish the resistance. You’ll like the swivel feature, which makes it a walk in the park to maneuver corners and bedposts.



All Shark cleaning products have a 1-year warranty included, and the Genius Steam Mop is no exception. The extendable warranty timeframe of their steam mops is two years.

But to get this extension, you’ll need to register the product exactly four weeks after purchasing it from a retailer.

The warranty covers the repair or replacement of Shark products at the manufacturer’s discretion, including replacement of parts as well as labor costs. A Shark guarantee backs up your legal rights as a consumer. As long as it’s a manufacturing defect, the brand will foot the repair and replacement costs.

Keep in mind that the warranty excludes accidental damage, wear and tear, blockages, faulty installation, third-party repairs, and use of counterfeit Shark components. Moreover, damaging the product by using it for purposes other than those for which it’s intended is not covered by the warranty.

In a nutshell, if you cause the damage, the warranty doesn’t cover it. It only covers factory damage and errors. You can reach out to customer support if you encounter problems with their products, and you’ll receive assistance in a timely fashion.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Shark Genius Steam Mop safe for wooden floors?

If your wooden floors are entirely sealed, then it’s safe. It’s advisable to refrain from using this steam mop on wooden floors with gaps. The steam may seep through the gaps, which would result in warping.

Given that a multitude of people use steam mops on their wooden floors, the trick is to avoid excessive water from coming into contact with the wood for a long duration. A few tips:

  • Avoid leaving the steam mop and damp cleaning pad sitting on the floor
  • Dry up any excess water after mopping
  • Refrain from using the Steam Blaster unless necessary. Use the lowest steam setting instead
  • Run a box fan for enhanced air circulation in order for the wooden floor to dry faster

Keep in mind that if you use the Shark Genius Steam Mop on a wooden floor and encounter damage, it may nullify the floor’s warranty. Therefore, confirm your floor’s warranty before taking the risk.

2. What causes streaks on floors after using the Shark Genius Steam Mop?

For starters, ensure you use distilled instead of tap water. Secondly, if you’re using chemicals sprayed on the pad or the floor, try a pre-cleaning solution such as 5% vinegar, then mop as usual while keeping your eyes peeled for spotting or streaking remains.

If you don’t use chemicals, then ensure that the cleaning pad is saturated with dirt or water and replace it with a new one if necessary. Avoid pouring cleaning solutions, including vinegar, into the steam mop’s water tank.

3. What Makes the Shark Genius Steam Mop at times difficult to push?

The mop glides seamlessly over hard floors after the production of sufficient steam. So ensure that the cleaning pad is properly attached when steam is being produced.

If the pad is firmly in place, wait until the mop has been on for at least 5 minutes to give the steam ample time to saturate the pad. If it’s not well saturated, you can spray water on the cleaning pad to aid in lowering friction until the steam penetrates.


Wrapping It Up

Selecting a floor cleaning device like a steam mop may not be as simple as it sounds. There’s a wealth of options and to the unfamiliar eye many of them seem similar.

Fortunately, the Shark Genius Steam Mop may be a worthwhile investment for your needs, and its convenience and ease of use allow it to stand out among other types of mops and scrubbers.