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Personal Care

Electric Toothbrushes

It’s an everyday battle to take care of your teeth. Brushing and flossing are tasks that many people struggle to take the time to do properly. Whether you decide to use a manual toothbrush or electric, simply making your teeth a priority every day costs you less money over time and gives you a better quality of life.

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American Dental Association

Water Flossers

Comparison & Review Waterpik Water Flossers

Waterpik is the leading manufacturer of water flossers in North America.  From the travel-friendly Sidekick to the all-in-one Complete Care systems, they have a solution for everyone trying to avoid actually using traditional floss.  Just kidding.

But seriously, water flossing is better than not flossing at all and can improve your dental health.  Water flossing is much easier than traditional floss and actually feels good. 

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