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The Best Patio Umbrella Stands for Wind [Our Picks]

A patio umbrella will help you get much-needed shade and UV protection when you’re sitting outdoors. If you’re someone who enjoys spending time outside, you’ll know how too much sunshine can leave you squinting and worrying about sunburns.

Not only can a good outdoor umbrella give you refuge from the discomfort of too much sun exposure, it can keep you dry during light rainfalls. After all, who doesn’t enjoy sitting outside on the canopy with a good book during an afternoon summer sun shower?

However, even a wind resistant patio umbrella can struggle to stand up to the wind if you don’t use it with a high-quality umbrella stand. A good patio umbrella base will secure your umbrella pole and hold your outdoor umbrella firmly in place. The last thing you want is for your umbrella to go tumbling across the yard after being caught in a strong wind.

Not only can high winds and other harsh weather be damaging without an umbrella base weight, the umbrella and aluminum pole itself can become quite dangerous if it gets loose.

Just like the patio umbrellas themselves, not all outdoor patio umbrella stands are built to the same standards. Given how important it is that your umbrella remains in place during high winds, it’s well worth investing in a stand that’s up to the task.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best patio umbrella stands we’ve found on the market. We also give out a few tips on what to look for when it comes time to choose a stand that’s both stable and durable.

Important Information for Choosing the Right Patio Umbrella Stand

As mentioned above, patio umbrella stands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but more importantly, the quality of the stands can vary rather significantly. Knowing your options will help you choose the right stand for your needs.


Types of Patio Umbrella Stands

When shopping for a patio umbrella stand, you’ll quickly notice that just about every stand has a round shape. While there are square and rectangular stands, there’s a reason why round umbrella stands are so popular. Simply put, round stands are much easier to move and also have a pleasant shape that matches well with most patio umbrellas and tables.

patio umbrella with tables and chairs

The type of stand you choose will depend largely on where you plan on positioning the patio table and umbrella itself. If you plan to use the umbrella with a patio table, you’ll most likely want to choose a rounded stand.

Remember, most umbrella stands are quite heavy, so having the option to roll them on an angle can help. With most table umbrellas, the stand will be hidden under the table, so you’ll want to favor practicality and stability over appearance when you choose your stand.

If you have a freestanding umbrella, you might want to choose a more decorative umbrella stand. While these might not be the most practical option, there are boxed stands that double as planter pots. Naturally, these types of umbrella stands are more difficult to move around the yard, but they can serve as an attractive feature of your backyard.

Some restaurants will use these larger boxed-style market umbrella stands to create shaded standing areas on their patios. If you’re a homeowner who enjoys hosting friends and family in your backyard, creating shaded standing areas will make your outdoor space seem much more inviting to guests.


Patio Umbrella Stand Materials

Patio umbrella stands are made from a variety of materials, but if you want the best stands, you should opt for one that’s constructed of stainless steel or cement. These materials have all of the qualities that make a good umbrella stand. They are heavy and stable, highly weather resistant, and require very little extra maintenance to keep them looking nice.

With these materials, you can also apply a resin or bronze finish to give the stand extra protection against the elements.

Plastic, wood, and cheaper metal stands can get the job done, but they’ll deteriorate over time and usually weigh significantly less than steel and cement stands. The last thing you want is an umbrella stand that’s not heavy enough to hold your patio or pool umbrella in place, or one that deteriorates and looks ugly over time.


Patio Umbrella Stand Weight

As mentioned above, the weight of the umbrella stand plays a determining role in how stable your patio umbrella will be when it’s windy.

With that being said, you need to find a balance between stability and portability, especially if you plan on putting your umbrella and stand into storage during the winter months.

Some umbrella stands have the option to add extra weight. More aesthetically pleasing metal stands will use removable weights to keep the stand stable, while cheaper plastic stands have a reservoir that you can fill with water or sand.

The weight you need will depend on how windy it is where you live and how large of an umbrella you plan on using. Larger umbrellas capture more wind, so they need heavier stands to hold them in place.


The Best Patio Umbrella Stands for Wind

Now that you’re familiar with the criteria that go into choosing a wind-resistant patio umbrella stand, we’ll show you some of the best stands on the market.

Remember, personal taste plays a role here. Besides everything described above, remember to also choose one that’s aesthetically pleasing. After all, unless your umbrella stand is completely out of sight, it’ll become part of your outdoor décor.


Tropishade Commercial Grade 50lb Steel Plate Umbrella Base

This concrete and iron umbrella stand from Tropishade offers a sturdy and low-key design. Rather than paying for an intricate design, here you’re paying for stability, durability, and practicality.

Tropishade Commercial Grade 50lb Steel Plate Umbrella Base

What We Like About It

  • Constructed from solid concrete and high-grade iron
  • Convenient tightening knob for a secure fit
  • Heavy 55 pound base for support during high winds
  • Capable of supporting umbrellas with a diameter of up to 12 feet
  • Round design for portability


The heavy, concrete base is designed to fix your patio umbrella into place and keep it stable and safe during windy situations. The base rod is constructed of durable iron, which keeps even heavy patio umbrellas in an upright position with little movement.

Combined with black cast iron highlights, the deep brown color of the concrete base looks great in almost any outdoor space. Unlike cheaper plastic umbrella bases, this base looks both rugged and sophisticated. It makes a clean, simple, and sophisticated addition to any backyard décor.

If you choose this cement and iron umbrella stand, you won’t have to worry about losing your patio umbrella during high winds.


Walker Edison 38” Metal Square Base Umbrella Stand

This stylish square based umbrella stand from Walker Edison has plenty of aesthetic appeal, but still remains a practical choice for windy locations. The poly-resin construction gives the foundation a high level of durability, making it a reliable stand you can use for years.

Walker Edison 38” Metal Square Base Umbrella Stand

What We Like About It

  • Comes with interchangeable sizing inserts to ensure a snug fit
  • Features a weather-resistant powder coated finish
  • Adjustable tightening knob
  • Attractive decorative base
  • Heavy 40 pound construction for stability
  • Affordable price


The symmetrical decorative patterning on the base is sure to match well with most patio furniture, without being overly distracting. While it’s a little lighter than the previously mentioned umbrella stands, the wide square base gives it plenty of stability.

At 40 pounds, this stand will be able to support your patio umbrella during windy weather, especially if the umbrella is in the closed position.

The black powder coated surface ensures you won’t have to worry about it fading due to sun or water damage. While the main thing with umbrella stands is that they remain stable, this stand should continue to look great even after years of exposure to the elements.

Where it really stands out is with its price point. Usually for an umbrella stand with this level of quality and weight, you would have to pay at least double the price.



If you’ve invested in an expensive patio umbrella for enjoying your backyard, it’s incredibly important that you protect it against wind damage with an appropriately weighted umbrella stand. Some people fall into the temptation of saving money with a cheaper stand, which eventually goes sour when their expensive umbrella gets damaged after it flies across their backyard.

While there are countless umbrella stands on the market, the two patio umbrella stands above are constructed from the right materials and have the correct weight to keep an umbrella locked in position even during windy weather.

While a good stand will keep your umbrella from flying across the backyard and damaging your lawn and patio furniture, it’s still best to keep patio umbrellas in the closed position if you’re expecting windy conditions.

If you’re anticipating particularly high levels of wind, it might even be a good idea to move the umbrella to a garage or shed until the storm passes. While they may not look like it, large patio umbrellas can actually become dangerous when airborne.