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The New Braun Series 8 Review: Everything You Need To Know

Braun, the German manufacturer, added the new Braun Series 8 to its lineup without too much advertising campaign, as was seen with its older shavers.

The Series 8 was released in 2019 but was not as readily available as the Series 7 or 9. This seeming scarcity might be over one year later, but the shaver is still highly sought after since it offers some impressive upgrades to earlier versions.

Earlier reviews claimed the Series 8 was no different than the Series 7 and 9. That’s to be expected since many people haven’t used the shaver back then. However, it’s 2020, and we’ve had ample time to learn all about Braun’s new addition.

Nearly everything you need to know about the device is covered in this Braun Series 8 review, including the features, benefits, and performance of the shaver.

This guide will also provide our honest views on how the Series 8 compares to other Braun shavers. However, since other models are not our primary focus, we’ll only compare them when it’s absolutely necessary.

Lastly, we’ll provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Since you’re here, we assume you’re ready to learn all about the new Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver. So, let’s get things underway.

What is the Braun Series 8?

Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver 8370CC

Somehow, and for whatever reason, Braun thought it wise to number the new Series lower than older iterations. The Series 8 is actually newer than the Series 9. We know that can be quite confusing, but that’s just how it is.

As you’ll expect, the brand incorporated what it learned from the previous models into this advanced model. In a nutshell, the Series 8 leans more toward the Series 7 and 9 in terms of performance, while it has more of the styles found in the Series 5.

Put simply, the Braun Series 8 is a 3-blade electric shaver with adaptable motor technology. It’s fitted with plenty of useful features and shaving settings, all geared toward giving users the most comfortable shaving experience.

Whether that is the case or not and whether it suits your shaving needs is what this review is all about.

Braun Series 8 Variations

Braun has a tradition of doling out several variations of its shavers, and the Series 8 is not an exception. Generally, two variations are available. These are the solo models and those with a charging and cleaning station.

Braun solo shavers don’t come with a charging station and have an “s” (meaning solo) at the ends of their names. These variations include Braun Series 8 models 8320s, 8325s, 8330s, 8340s, 8345s, and 8350s.

The variations with a charging and cleaning station have “cc” (meaning Charge and Clean) ending their names. These models include 8360cc, 8365cc, 8370cc, 8371cc, 8380cc, 8385cc, 8390cc, and 8391cc.

Regardless of the variations, features and performance are typically the same for all shavers in Series 8. The major difference between the models is whether or not they come with a Charge and Clean station.

Other differences are purely minor and usually include things such as accessories, color, and the region where the model is available.

For example, some shavers in Series 8 might only be available in the USA, while others are available in Germany, UK, Japan, and other countries. Some other variations might come with a textile travel case, while others ship in a hard leather case.

What’s in the Box?

man shaving in mirror

As pointed out earlier, there are several variations of the Series 8. That means what’s contained in the box will differ slightly, depending on which specific model you buy.

For our Braun Series 8 review, we have chosen the 8370cc model. Here’s what you get in the box:

  • Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver
  • Cleaning and Charge Station
  • Cleaning fluid (170 mL)
  • Charging cord
  • Brush
  • Travel Case
  • User Manual

The Clean and Charge station included in the box makes it slightly heavy. However, at only 1.23 pounds, it’s still very light.

Now, let’s x-ray the features and benefits of the Series 8 before we check out its performance.

Braun Series 8: Features and Benefits

This part of our Braun Series 8 review takes a closer look at the features of the shaver. But beyond just fancy tech terms, we’ll also throw some light on how they benefit the user.

Braun packed quite a number of impressive features in this device. Some are completely new upgrades and even feature in the latest Series 9 93XX models (the 9370cc model in particular), while others are still the same found in previous models. We’ll focus more on the new features.

60 Minutes Cordless Runtime

One of the most noticeable improvements with the Series 8 is the increase in cordless runtime—a clear boost from previous iterations. It can shave for up to an hour on a full charge. Series 7 and 9 could go up to 45 minutes or 50 tops, depending on the settings.

10 to 15 minutes of extra shaving time might not seem like a huge difference, but it could give you one or two extra days of shaving before a recharge is necessary.

Considering most people shave for 10 minutes at most in one session, one full charge of this shaver can last for approximately six good shaves.

Advanced Li-ion Battery

The state-of-the-art Li-ion battery in the Series 8 retains 20% more charge than the Ni-MH batteries in older versions.

But what’s does it mean to hold 20% more charge?

Here’s the thing, on Series 7, for example, a fully charged battery might deliver up to 45 minutes of cordless shaving time, but it can discharge the current quickly if not used for a long time.

On the flip side, the Series 8 Li-ion battery can retain power for upwards of one month on a single full charge.

But even when the battery goes down completely, Braun engineered it to come back alive very quickly with the quick charge support. Five minutes is all it takes to get the battery juice up for a quick shave.

This is good news for people who often forget to charge or simply hate to frequently charge their devices. It’s also a relief for men who travel a lot, as they won’t have to worry about the battery running out of juice because it hasn’t been used for several weeks.

It takes about an hour of charging to get the battery from zero to 100%. That’s relatively fast, in our opinion.

Automatic Voltage Adaptation

Braun seems to have designed the Series 8 with traveling gents in mind. Whether you travel for business or leisure, you’ll find the automatic voltage adaptation on this device quite useful.

The dual voltage feature means you don’t have to worry about power wherever life takes you. You can bring the Series 8 with you to any part of the world, and you’re sure it will adapt to the local voltage when it comes time for a recharge.

Beard Density Sensor

It’s not surprising to find a Braun Series 8 review that completely forgets or downplays this feature. But the fact is that both customers and lots of reviews still mention this indirectly when they observe that there’s less skin irritation with this shaver.

The reason for less skin irritation is the bead density sensor included in Series 8. What it does is to adapt to the user’s beard coarseness and density and then throttles the blades accordingly. All this happens very fast—within milliseconds—thanks to its advanced memory unit, which we’ll discuss next.

The beard density sensor doesn’t only result in less skin irritation. It also saves the battery life as the motor’s power output automatically adjusts to suit the density of your whiskers.

As a side note, the only other shaver in Braun’s lineup with a beard density sensor is the Series 9. It goes by the name SyncroSonic.

Advanced 32-Bit Memory Control Unit

Usually, a memory control unit (MCU) is what you’ll expect to find in devices such as computers and smartphones. But advancement in technology has made it a feature in some shavers.

While other shavers come with an 8-bit MCU, the Series 8 is equipped with a 32-bit MCU. That means it can process data way much faster than other models. Working in tandem with the Sonic Technology, the 32-bit chip helps the shaver to quickly adapt to your facial hair to deliver a better shave.

Sonic Technology

Similar to Series 7 and 9, the new Braun 8 comes with 30,000 cycles per minute (CPM) motor. That means more hairs are caught with each pass during a shave, thanks to the 30,000 cutting actions that occur each minute.

Thanks to Sonic Technology, vibrations are greatly minimized during shaving.

8D Shaving Head

Typically, electric shavers are bulkier than traditional razors. This means it’s usually trickier to shave hard-to-reach spots with electric shavers.

Thanks to the multi-directional flexible shaver head on the Series 8 Electric Shaver, a clean shave is possible, even on tricky spots.

The manufacturer says the Series 8 is fitted with a shaving head that moves in 8 directions. Whether this means eight distinct directions or not is highly debatable.

One thing is for sure, though. The shaving elements can move independently, and the shaving head itself can swivel in two directions; up and down.

The most important thing is that the head works extremely well as it’s very flexible and glides smoothly across the face during a shave.

Compared to other brands with complicated flexing heads (case in point: Panasonic), Series 8’s simple shaving head work a lot better.

Four Shaving Elements

People with sensitive skin will be pleased with the four shaving elements in Braun Series 8. These include two optifoils, a precision trimmer, and a skin guard.

Our Braun Series 8 review will point out the benefits of each of these elements, but their primary goal is to reduce skin inflammation, razor burns, as well as skin irritations. Shaving is more comfortable with these elements as they combine to deliver smoother results with fewer strokes.

2x Opti-Foils

Like the Series 7, this model also features two durable optifoils that cut hairs very close to the skin. Unlike other shavers with round-shaped perforations, the foil screens on the Series 8 have an irregular pattern (which is what the opt-foil means). The irregular perforations make the device catch more hair and also improve shaving comfort.

Precision Trimmer

Apart from the four shaving elements, the shaver’s head is also fitted with a pop-up precision trimmer. This feature is meant to lift and cut hair lying flat against the skin.

Equally, longer hairs in tricky areas that may have escaped the optifoils can be trimmed off with the precision trimmer.

Skin Guard

Between the shaver’s back foil and trimmer blade is the skin guard. The feature is a raised bar of smooth metal. It protects the skin from getting caught in the trimmer or foils by lifting the skin off the foils and reducing friction while shaving.

The skin guard is missing in some earlier Braun lineups such as the Series 5. While some people might not think much of it, the feature plays quite a significant role. A shaver without a skin guard can easily cause skin irritation.


A top-of-the-line shaver like the Series 8 should have a waterproof seal, right? Of course, like other Braun’s top-tier shavers, this one is 100% waterproof. The water sealing technology on this device is nothing less than top-notch.

Bring it into the shower if you prefer a wet shave. Cleaning with water is easy-breezy. There is absolutely no fear of damaging the components when you wash it under a running tap.

cleaning braun series 8 under water

Wet and Dry Shaving

Whether you prefer to use a shaving cream or not, you can enjoy a quick and comfortable wet or dry shave with this shaver.

Of course, it’s waterproof, so it works well with a gel, form, or in the shower. The wet shaving experience is very similar to some of the earlier versions like the Series 5 and 9.

Dry shaving with this device is gentle on the skin, and some people tend to prefer it to wet shaving. However, that is a matter of personal preference.

Precision Head Lock

Unlike the Series 7 that conspicuously lacks a head lock feature, the Series 8 is equipped with a precision head lock that can be activated with a simple press of a button.

Shaving hard-to-reach and tricky areas such as under the chin and the jawline is a lot easier with the precision head lock.

Besides, the manufacturer made sure that the neck of the shaver doesn’t break in transit, so you can confidently bring it along during travel.

Travel Lock

The product comes with a travel lock to prevent turning on the razor by mistake. Braun made sure the power button is engineered in a way that if the shaver ever comes on, the user (or someone) must have deliberately turned it on.

The travel lock feature on the power button is missing in the Series 7.


Braun backs the Series 8 with a 2-year warranty. There’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee provided the product retains its original packaging and original sales receipt.

Braun Series 8 Shaving Performance

This Braun Series 8 review can go on and on about specs and so forth, but it will all be for nothing if these don’t translate to great performance.

We’ll get into the details in a moment, but if you’re asking whether the Series 8 shaver lives up to expectations when it comes to performance, the answer short answer is yes.

However, as with all shavers, there are a few glitches with this model, too. Here’s a summary of the Series 8 performance.


The shaver head looks somewhat like that found on the Series 5 and 7, which means you can expect it to have a similar performance.

With that said, both the Series 8 and 7 have the Sonic Technology, so it’s safe to say the Series 8 feels more like the Series 7.

The Braun Series 8 is particularly gentle and comfortable, especially for users with sensitive skin. Many users have found it even smoother for dry shaving.

Still, the Series 7 tends to be a tad smoother and forgiving on sensitive skin. However, most men will find the Series 8 very enjoyable to use.

Close Shave

When it comes to a close shave, the Series 8 puts up a generally impressive performance. Its shaves very close to the skin, particularly on the cheeks. You can expect to get a clean shave with the first one or two strokes.

Things might not be that crisp on the neck and chin, though, especially for men with dense hair on those areas. Sometimes, and on some people, it might take more than a couple of passes to get a really close shave.

Wet Shaving

Generally, Braun shavers are not as impressive compared to other brands when it comes to wet shaving. However, the Series 8 seems to break that “jinx” with really outstanding results.

Not only does a wet shave with Braun’s new device results in a really close shave, but it’s also very comfortable on the skin.

Remember that if you prefer a wet shave, it’s crucial to always clean the head thoroughly after each shave. You don’t want the lather getting all dried up on the head as that’s a quick way to dull the blades.

If your model comes with a Charge and Clean station, make sure the device is not covered in lather or dripping wet when you plug it in.


To use the pop-up trimmer, first press the release button on the back of the device, and then slide it toward the shaver head. The trimmer glides smoothly and snaps into position.

There’s a bit of wrist work involved in using the trimmer due to its rather awkward position. But even when you manage to get the hang of it, the trimmer is not quite efficient in cutting flat-lying hairs.

For example, only the middle part of the trimmer touches the skin when shaving the sideburn. That’s because the blade’s curved profile prevents it from fully contacting the skin.

That’s not to say it won’t trim your hair. But it usually takes some effort to cut hair. It’s best to use the trimmer for light touch-ups.

Cutting Longer Facial Hair

Gents who don’t shave daily might want to have the Series 8 shaver on their radar. That’s because, like other Braun electric razors, this shaver does a pretty decent job at cutting longer hair. If your hair lays flat on your skin, the Series 8 can catch and cut it quite easily.

But it’s worth noting that the Series 7 is slightly better at catching hair that lay flat against the skin. Besides, it comes with different speed settings, allowing users to finish their shaving faster when set to the highest speed setting.

There is no speed setting on the Series 8. It relies on the beard density sensor to increase or reduce the motor’s throttle. Many people might not notice a change in the device’s motor, though.

However, the difference might be more glaring when shaving a four-day growth versus a one-day growth, for example.

Noise Level

The Series 8 is not as quiet as a rotary shaver, yet it’s not as loud as other electric razors. You can expect the usual noise level as it applies to most foil razors.

But when compared with other Braun shavers such as the Series 5, 7, and even the Series 3, this one is slightly quieter. It doesn’t produce a raspy sound like other shavers, even though it’s still high-pitched.

You can expect to get less vibration, too, thanks to its Sonic Technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you change the Braun Series 8 shaver head?

The manufacturer’s recommendation is to change the head at least once yearly. However, how often you replace the shaver head depends on how well you maintain its foils and blades.

You extend the shaver head’s lifespan by making sure the head is properly cleaned out and dry before storage. The blades can get dull quickly if the water is left to sit on them. Also, remember to always cover the head with the cap before storing it.

How do you clean the Series 8 shaver?

Place the shaver under running water (preferably warm water) for about 30 seconds or thereabout. This should remove gunk and some of the hairs from the shaver head.

The shaver head can come off easily, so if you feel like it, you can detach it and remove any trapped whiskers at least once every week.

Apart from placing the shaver under a running faucet, the Clean and Charge station is the best way to ensure the Series 8 is thoroughly clean. It takes a few hours for the device to clean and dry, so it’s best to dock it into the station overnight.

The Clean and Charge station doesn’t only remove stuck hair and gunk from the shaver head; it also sanitizes the head using alcohol.

Whichever method you use, consider cleaning the Series 8 shaver at least once a week or two for the best performance.

Is it OK to use the Series 8 with previous Braun cleaning centers?

No, it’s not okay to use charging stations from older iterations for the Series 8 shaver. The Series 5 and 9 charging stations, for example, might look exactly like the clean and charge station of the Braun Series 8, but they are not completely compatible.

Although it’s possible to charge the Series 8 shaver in the Series 5 or 9 docking stations, these options can’t engage the cleaning system of the Series 8. The heads are not the same, so the sensors for the cleaning cycle will not work.

How often should you change the refill cartridge in the cleaning center?

Replacing the refill cartridge depends on how frequently you use it. Leaving the fluid longer than a few months might cause excessive evaporation.

If you use it once weekly or two, it will be best to change the refill cartridge every three months. You might need to exchange the fluid soon after if it’s left unused for three months or more.

In any case, the docking station should notify you when the reservoir is due for a refill.

Final Verdict

Now that we’ve come to the end of the Braun Series 8 review, it’s time for the ultimate question. The Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver: to buy or not to buy? What’s our recommendation?

There’s no arguing the fact that the Series 8 has more to offer than its older “siblings.” Two apparent upgrades include a stronger and long-lasting battery and a larger and advanced onboard memory unit.

While it’s numbered lower than the Series 9 (something only the manufacturer can fully explain), the Series 8 Li-Ion battery is by far better than Ni-MH batteries in the older Series 9.

The Series 8 replacement heads are both readily available and have almost the same price tag as those of Series 5 and 7. Considering the upgrades available in the Series 8, it doesn’t make much sense (in our opinion) to choose the older versions over the new one.

The replacement heads for the Series 9 are generally more expensive. The only advantage the Series 9 has over the shaver under review is an extra cutting element. Besides giving the Series 9 a bigger shaving head, the additional cutting element doesn’t really make any difference in the shaving experience.

OK, should you buy the Braun Series 8 Electric Shaver? Or is it just about the same as any other Braun shaver?

To conclude this Braun Series 8 review, here’s our verdict.

Yes, you should definitely consider buying the Series 8 Electric Shaver.