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John Deere vs Husqvarna Riding Mower [Reviewed]

It can be an exhausting job to mow a lawn, especially the wider ones. Self-propelling mowers and those walk-behind types will demand some exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone is physically capable of doing that kind of hard work. Others just don’t have the diligence. Besides, terrains and hills are quite hard to maneuver.

So, why not invest in riding lawn mowers? Riding lawn mowers make your lawn chores easier—and more exciting. From the bestsellers of lawnmowers, let’s put the John Deere vs Husqvarna riding mowers to a test!

Riding mowers are the best type to use for wide and expansive lawns. They allow you to cover more ground in less time. Aside from just mowing, they also take the burden off mulching or bagging your clippings. It is tedious work and quite exhausting if you are working on acres of land.

More importantly, riding mowers are the best in handling problematic areas and turns in your yard. John Deere and Husqvarna have a different line of products to compare. But to each, their own.

John Deere is a popular name when it comes to riding mowers and lawn tractors. Their products always make it to the top as a contender for quality. And it is rightly so, with their sturdy built quality output and lesser tendency to fail.

Similarly, when it comes to power and efficiency, the Husqvarna riding mower models will also vie for a spot. They have high-quality and durable motor-driven mowers that deliver reliable performance in keeping your landscapes at their best. These two names are the most popular choices, but to what extent of performance? 

Comparing the John Deere vs Husqvarna Riding Mower

Depending on your needs or your budget, you have a lot of choices for your riding mower needs. The next thing you need to consider among the riding mowers and these two brands is their proven performance. Not all mowers work the same.

Here are some comparisons to consider when deciding between John Deere vs Husqvarna riding mowers:

  • Budget
  • Power and performance
  • Zero-turn
  • Speed
  • Cutting deck width


When buying any equipment, we know that price tags are factors before purchasing. So, whether you are buying from a store or the web, prices are the first question. A riding mower is a sound investment for your lawn and garden. They range from about two to three thousand dollars.

So, you need to decide carefully on this. Aside from the price, you should also consider the product’s specs and weigh its value. This way, you will be able to get the best value out of what you will purchase.

When it comes to prices, these riding mowers compete similarly with each other. With their price ranges, the next important thing to consider is its reliability and durability and performance.

John Deere E100 Lawn Tractor

This product from the 100 Series features John Deere’s powerful engine and long-lasting battery life. It has superior quality in terms of cutting performance and works well even for snow plowing.

It is the best type of riding mower for beginners. For cutting-edge performance, this is well worth its price. The E100 has a 17.5 hp engine that’s good enough for your mowing, mulching, and bagging.



Husqvarna LTH17538 Hydrostatic Riding Mower

Husqvarna LTH17538

The Husqvarna LTH17538 has the same price range as John Deere’s E100. It is also simple and easy to operate, making it the best option for beginners. The unit has a hydrostatic transmission for smoother operation.

You can accessorize this riding mower with a mulch kit and other towing materials. It has an innovative air induction that allows better airflow for a superior cut. The reinforced cutting deck also improves its durability to prevent chipping, even on its trim sides and leading edge. 

Power and Performance

For small yards, John Deere and Husqvarna have their 100 series of reliable mowers. Getting a lawnmower is a nice upgrade. But aside from just the kick of a comfortable ride, these are the best types for a perfect lawn project. Riding mowers effectively cut your work time so you can do more tasks in your yard.

The engine power allows it to effectively and evenly trim grasses with its rotating blade. Riding mowers operate in different engine powers. In buying one, consider the performance of the unit. It will determine the speed of the task and the quality of the performance of your riding mower. 

John Deere E170 Lawn Tractor

From the 100 series, the John Deere E170 has an engine power of 25 hp. It provides a powerful and smooth-running performance. The V-twin engine gives off lesser vibration and reduced roaring sound. The E170 has an auto choke that will allow you to fire up the engine despite low temperatures. It is best when maneuvering the equipment through the snow. When it comes to fuel economy and power, this riding mower has leveled up its performance and lasting life-expectancy. 

Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z254

The reliable 26 hp power output provides a mighty powerful engine. It also has a choke less start-up for smooth operation. Its hydro-transmission and brake system makes it effortless to change speed. The Husqvarna Z254 Kholer engine provides better operating performance. Aside from power, this unit has less vibration and a quieter sound than most lawnmowers. The Z254 has a premium air filter that manages your clippings and debris. Proper engine care ensures that your riding mower will serve you longer.


For the tighter corners of your lawn, the zero-turn feature of riding mowers does the job efficiently. Riding mowers are excellent when it comes to zero turns. They can handle difficult terrain, and problematic turns very well. You’re likely to look out for this characteristic first in our John Deere vs Husqvarna riding mower comparison.

Zero-turn mowers will give your lawn that well-manicured finish with its proficient turning radius. However, you must take note that this is not suitable for smaller yards. For a wide span of area, like golf courses or football fields, riding mowers are worth the investment. Zero-turns can make the best cut around corners and obstacles and can eliminate the time spent on weed whacking. 

John Deere Z345R Z300 ZTrak Mower

The Z345R’s 42-inch Accel Deep deck provides a clean and versatile cut. It has a V-twin design engine with 22 hp full pressure power and a mowing speed of 7.0 mph. It is easy to use, with a powerful zero-turn that cuts down your lawn chores at half time. Z345R can cut your turf more precisely and efficiently, most especially around obstacles. 


Husqvarna Z242F Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z242F

The 18 hp Kawasaki engine with a maximum speed of 6.5 mph lets you finish the job quickly. You can rely on this riding mower for the best 42-inch cutting experience. Its hydrostatic transmission allows you to take various yard conditions with ease. The turning radius provides the machine with more power for standard lawn works. 


Cutting a wider chunk of open field requires a more efficient lawn tractor that reduces the time spent on the job. An average lawnmower may run at 4-5 mph. Unleashing its full speed, John Deere and Husqvarna riding mowers may even go more than that. Of course, you may break a safety rule if you give these machines their due in terms of speed. Let us take a look at the best speed beasts of these brands:


John Deere’s Z740R

John Deere’s Z740R from the Zero-turn series will give you an amazing 10mph speed with its high-power FX engine. Its transmission capacity allows you to finish your lawn duties in no time! The Z740R offers a more comfortable mowing experience with its adjustable suspension. Furthermore, the heavy-duty design makes it more durable and reliable. Speed aside, it also gives you a superior and versatile cut for more proficiency. 

Husqvarna YTH24K48

Husqvarna YTH24K48

Lawn work gets more fun with the Husqvarna YTH24K48. It looks pretty slick and operates with a speed of about 7-8 mph. This unit has a V-twin Kohler engine that gives more power at 24 hp. It is high-quality equipment that can run your entire lawn with an even-cut and perfectly manicured finish. The body has steel tube reinforcement for that added durability. 

Cutting Deck Width

Different mowers have different cutting widths. Average mowers like the self-propelled ones range from 30 inches to about 50 inches. Ride-on mowers usually have about 70 cm cutting width. It makes them ideal for large lawns because it decreases mowing time and cuts more swathes of grass. It will also allow you to cover more ground area. The downside, however, is its maneuverability. The bulkier the equipment, the harder they are to manage. 

John Deere E180 Lawn Tractor

John Deere’s E180 Lawn Tractor has an edge cutting system and supreme cutting mechanism. With a 54-inch Edge Mower Deck, it guarantees performance and reliability. The deck has five anti-scalp wheels included. It allows you to go efficiently and precisely around corners and even mow and maneuver hilly areas.

The E180 effectively ensures no uncut area remains. You will get that clean and even cut regardless of the lawn orientation. The wide deck also enhances your mower’s performance because they are more maneuverable than narrow ones. 

Husqvarna YTH24V54

Husqvarna YTH24V54

With similar specifications as the John Deere, Husqvarna’s YTH24V54 has a 54-inch cutting width. It also has a nose roller and four anti-scalp wheels for more precise cutting. Its stamped cutting deck has a heavily flocked steel reinforcement that gives it more durability. Husqvarna’s air induction mowing technology creates a more improved and superior lawn cut. This unit has a Kohler 7000 powerful engine.

Along with its wide cutting width, this riding mower covers large areas in a breeze. You can buy a separate mulching kit and bagger attachment to discharge your clippings. It will help you do your job quickly and easily in no time.

How to Take Care of Riding Mowers

Regardless of what you get between the John Deere vs Husqvarna riding mowers, you need to ensure their reliability. This equipment can work throughout the season. Riding mowers face rapid depreciation because they do all the hard work throughout all the seasons, including mulching, cutting, and snow-plowing.

So, after hopping out from the day’s work, it is essential to check on your machine and the condition of its accessories and attachments. You can avoid costly repairs with the right care and maintenance plan in place for your riding mower.

Here are a few guidelines to remember:

  1. Clean the undercarriage. Grass clogs up the discharge chute. When left unclean, this will burden your mower and can even cause it to rust. Eventually, it may cause machine failure. So, after every use, scrape up the grass clippings and spray them away with water.
  2. Keep your blades sharp. Unless you are an expert with sharpening, most mower repair shops will do the job for you. For a small service fee, they can even include mower tune-up. Always check this before starting your mowing chores. A dull mower blade will only cause uneven rips and cuts in your turf. You don’t want that layered look, do you?
  3. Check the air filter. Your air filter also suffers from grass clipping build-up. Its function is to protect the carburetor. When this becomes clogged up, it may hamper the mower’s functions. The Harbot Air and Fuel Filter Set replaces filters for both riding mower units. Keep handy supplies of this for when the need arises. 
  4. Change the oil. There’s no difference between riding mowers when it comes to changing the oil. Change the engine oil after 5 hours of use. Monitor your oil levels and make sure that you fill it up to the appropriate mark on the dipstick. One thing about John Deere is the MowerPlus smartphone app that allows you to digitally-monitor your machine. You can get this on the Playstore. Husqvarna has the Automower; though, it mostly serves the robotic mowers.

For an acre of lawn, tricky hillsides, and difficult terrain, riding mowers give you the most efficient service. It is a sound investment for your yard work throughout the year. When browsing through the John Deere vs Husqvarna riding mower lists, consider the type of yard you have and your needs. It will enable you to make the best purchase. Riding mowers help you do your job, and they let you do it right ahead of time.