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Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 Vacuum Review

The Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 is a full-size, cordless, cyclonic, bagless vacuum capable of cleaning an entire home with low-pile carpet or bare flooring. Don’t expect deep cleaning if you have medium-pile or thicker carpet, but for low-pile carpet this vacuum is fairly effective.

Two batteries are included, which give you 25 minutes of fade-free runtime each. With a whopping 50 minutes of runtime, and the decent size dirt bin, cleaning an entire home on a single charge is no problem.

This vacuum has all the features you can expect in an upright, but minus the cord. The relatively quick charge time of 3-4 hours means you won’t be stuck without this vacuum for an entire day to charge. Some cordless vacuums can take up to 9 hours to charge!

The batteries included with the Air Cordless and FloorMate series of products by Hoover are interchangeable. So having this full-size upright and the Air Cordless 2-in-1 for more specialized cleaning needs means you could have hours of runtime by swapping and recharging used batteries while you clean.

This is the cheapest of the Hoover Air Cordless Series that can be called the primary vacuum of a home, even if you have pets(just keep the brushroll clean!). Just think about what type of flooring you will be vacuuming before buying.

Recommended For:

  • Bare Floors
  • Low-pile Carpet
  • Medium-pile Carpet (not for deep cleaning)
  • Capable of covering 2000-2500 Square Feet

  • Comes with 2 LithiumLife batteries that provide 50 minutes of fade-free power.
  • Removeable wand allows for above-floor cleaning
  • Brushroll off switch for bare floors, and rubber wheels
  • 5 year vacuum and battery warranty
  • Comes with a hard floor brushroll with extra soft bristles
  • Weighs less than 10 lbs
  • Washable filter
  • Easily switch from carpet to hardwood floors with a button on the handle.
  • You have to keep both batteries charged with a single charger.
  • Still weaker suction than a corded upright
  • Durability. Many complaints of motor failure, wheels breaking off, and brush breaking off. (Ready more about this in the Customer Reviews Section)
  • Keeping the brushroll clean is key to avoid motor failure or breaking
  • Usable length of the hose with attachments is very short


Cordless vacuums shine when cleaning bare floors, and the Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 is no exception. The soft bare-floor brushroll keeps from scratching your floors while still providing enough agitation to get up the dust that clings to hard floors.

Even though the Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 is strong than the Hoover Linx, don’t expect a deep clean when vacuuming thick carpet or rugs. Corded vacuums are still unmatched when cleaning carpet. This vacuum could still be the primary vacuum of a home with low-pile carpet or bare floors.

Overall you will find the suction just isn’t as strong as your standard corded vacuum, but the convenience of a cordless vacuum goes a long way. Before spending the money just know that suction is the biggest compromise you will make if you switch to a cordless vacuum. As long as you understand what cordless vacuums are good at then, you can decide if they will work for you.

Carpet Performance

The Hoover Air Cordless comes with two brushrolls, one for carpet and one for bare floors. If you’re vacuuming carpet the majority of the time you likely won’t know the difference, but if your home is primarily bare floors, especially wood, you may want to switch.

The performance on carpet is adequate for low-pile carpet. The Air Cordless 3.0 has no trouble picking up large or small particles and handles larger particles better than cordless stick vacuums.

This vacuum does not have a motorized brush attachment for the hose.

If you have thicker carpeting, it’s best not to rely solely on the 3.0, and instead use it as a backup for a corded vacuum that deep cleans.

In this video, the Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 is compared with a Dyson DC44.


Bare Floor Performance

This vacuum seems to be tall enough to handle larger debris rather than pushing it around the floor. You can easily turn the brushroll on/off, so transitioning from carpet to bare floors is simple.

Bare floors are where cordless vacuums perform the best and you can expect better battery life if you don’t need to run the brushroll.



  • 2-in-1 Dusting and crevice tool
  • Hard floor brushroll with extra soft bristles
  • Pivoting Dusting Tool

The attachments that come with the Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 are typical, with the exception of the pivoting dusting tool. You may find some very specific use that this tool is good for; cleaning ceiling fans come to mind.

The biggest complaint regarding attachments with this vacuum are the ergonomics of the hose. The hose disconnects from the rear of the vacuum head and then you attach the handle/pipe to the hose. Since the hose is connected to the vacuum body with a bracket, this reduces the usable length of the hose. There aren’t any significant complaints about the overall length of the hose, but just know that you will need to bend over and disconnect the hose and the bottom of the vacuum. This can be trouble for elderly or if you have back issues.


Not great for carpeted stairs. Works fine for wood stairs.

You’re options are to pick up the entire vacuum and push the head back and forth on the stairs, or use the hose and attachments. There is not a motorized brush that can attach to the hose, so you won’t clean carpeted stairs very well with this. If your stairs have low-pile carpet, then you will see much better performance from the brush attachment.

There won’t be any trouble with wood stairs use the attachments.

Battery & Runtime

  • 25 minutes runtime per battery
  • 2 Lithium Ion batteries included
  • 3-4 Hour charge time for each
  • One charging station included

Getting 50 minutes of runtime from a cordless upright is great. Hoover accomplished this by simply providing 2 batteries.

You will need to be mindful of making sure you charge both between cleanings and don’t store the batteries in the charging station.

If you’ve purchased other Air Cordless products such as the 2-in-1 or FloorMate, the batteries are interchangeable. This helps a lot since you will have two charging stations and more batteries.

The Hoover Linx battery is not compatible with the Air Cordless Series and charging station.


2 Filters are included
Once you’ve washed the filter, it will need to sit for at least 24 hours to dry, so by having 2 you won’t have downtime between cleanings.

The filter for the Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 is washable and reuseable. If you do notice some wear & tear after washing it many times, replacement filters are easily and cheaply available on Amazon.

Pet Hair

As always, the key to dealing with pet hair is keeping the brushroll clean. If you allow hair to build up around the brushroll, it will eventually fail.

You may need to clean it after every use, or maybe even twice during one cleaning. It just depends on how much hair you’re throwing at it.

It’s best not rely on this, or any other cordless upright, for handling large amounts pet hair. Use it as a secondary vacuum, or clean often.

With that said, if you have a smaller breed or only one animal that gets brushed often, then you probably won’t have much trouble. The ease of the cordless vacuum makes daily vacuuming not such a bad idea. The more frequently you vacuum, the less build up of pet hair and debris that puts stress on your vacuum.

Regular Maintenance & Clog Removal

The main clog areas are the brushroll, large debris filter, and hose.

The brushroll is the real weak spot for this vacuum if you are vacuuming a lot of hair. The hose a semi-transparent, so if any clogs start forming you should be able to spot them before they get out of hand.

How to clean the filter

Hoover recommends:

  • Clean the filter every 2 months
  • Rinse with warm water
  • Let dry for 24 hours

Obviously, 2 months may be too long between cleanings if this is your primary vacuum. You get 2 filters with this vacuum and replacements are very cheap, so cleaning every 2 weeks isn’t difficult.


Customer Reviews

Some users report the wheels breaking off and being made of cheap plastic. Other parts of the vacuum are reportedly weak and may break as well. This isn’t surprising and seems to be common in a lot of bagless vacuums that are completely made from plastic. Uprights tend to have more moving parts and joints where plastic will weaken over time. Twisting the handle and swiveling the vacuum head will put torque on the wheels and joints, but this is something the vacuum should be built to handle.

As always, keep your purchase documentation to be able to take advantage of the warranty if you end up with a lemon. Hoover does offer a great warranty with the Hoover Air Cordless Series.

Users that have trouble bending over will have a hard time switching the battery out and making use of the hose and attachments.

A common issue that the motor stops and restarts as if there is a brief short in power. This is possibly due to the metal contacts on the dust bin not connecting with the frame. This is caused by the frame flexing over time and the screws loosening. Try to tighten the screws behind the dust bin and all over the main backbone. The purpose of this feature is to keep the vacuum from turning on without the dust bin in place and blowing dust everywhere.

If you buy this vacuum, you’re likely to deal with some of these issues at some point in it’s life so don’t forget the warranty!

Warranty & Customer Service

With the user reviews that complain of cheap plastic parts that break easily, it’s a good thing that this vacuum has a 5-year warranty. The battery is also covered under a 5-year warranty.

Users that reported to have used the warranty had a good experience with Hoover.

If you’re concerned about quality, it’s best to make sure the product is at least backed up by a company that takes care of customer issues. Hoover seems to fix or replace their vacuums with no trouble.

Similar Products

There is another Hoover Air Cordless 3.0 that comes with only one battery and fewer attachments, and it has the model# BH50111. There isn’t a significant price difference but be mindful of the different versions of this product to avoid the hassle of returns.

Replacement Parts

Battery replacements are not readily available, but you might try Ebay.

The filters are very cheap and available on Amazon.


Form FactorUpright
Brush Height AdjustmentNo, but brushroll can be turned off.
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Multi-Floor OptionYes
Charge IndicatorYes
WeightLess than 10 lbs
Runtime25 minutes per battery (2 included)
Charge Time3-4 hours per battery
Warranty5 Years Vacuum and Battery