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Eufy HomeVac Cordless Vacuum Review

Eufy isn’t a well-known name when you think of consumer electronics, but they’re actually a spin-off company of Anker that now designs and manufactures their vacuum products.

You might be wondering: “But I’ve never heard of Anker either.”

Well, they are well known for their great quality portable charging products, batteries, wireless chargers, and formerly their cordless vacuums.

First, it’s important to note that there are 2 versions of the Eufy HomeVac: a stick vacuum and the 2-in-1. This review is of the stick vacuum. So if I were to compare it to a well known vacuum from another brand, the first thing that comes to mind is the Hoover Linx. For the 2-in-1, the former Anker HomeVac Duo is its predecessor and there a quite a few 2-in-1’s we can compare to, like the Electrolux Ergorapido or the Hoover Air Cordless.

So let’s get to it. Does the Eufy HomeVac compete with other cordless sticks, like the Hoover Linx or Shark Rotator Freestyle? Well, before we argue that point let’s look at the Eufy HomeVac for what it has to offer.

What are cordless vacuums all about? Compromise. No dealing with cords, and since cordless is nearly synonymous with bagless these days, not having to change a bag.

That all comes at a cost.

You’re not going to be able to vacuum your entire home. Not all at once anyway. You’re not going to get a deep clean like with a corded vacuum. There just isn’t enough power, and as long as you buy a cordless vacuum with that in mind then you won’t be disappointed.

But going cordless is worth it, right?

I don’t know about you but knowing I can just pick up my vacuum and get to work is a much shorter mental hurdle to jump than knowing I’m going to have to get my big corded vacuum out of the closet and go hunting for an outlet.

You’ll find yourself vacuum much more often with a cordless, which is great because the less debris you let build up the easier it is on the vacuum.

So let’s get busy with the details.

Cleaning Performance

Fine dust particles: After a few passes on my rug you can still a tint of color from the saw dust still in the carpet. The Eufy HomeVac is able to superficially clean very well, but you just won’t be able to get a deep clean you might expect from a strong corded vacuum. Also, this is extremely fine dust which isn’t going to be commonly found in your home in such large quantities. The more frequent you vacuum the better off you are.

With larger debris, like paper clipping and tree leaves, it may take a couple of passes.

With that said, it’s still extremely handy and performs exactly how I would expect out of a budget cordless vacuum. If you have bare flooring then it’s even better, because you can get most of your vacuuming done with this cordless. You will get more life out of the battery since is doesn’t have to burn as much energy spinning the brush on carpet.

Battery Life

You get a nice 22 minutes of vacuuming, which for most people means you can vacuum all the high traffic areas in your home and possibly the entire thing (no deep cleaning though). It’s a simple and easy way to tidy up without having to drag out your bulky corded vacuum.


  • 2200 mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • 22 minute runtime
  • About 4-5 Hours to charge.
  • Eufy doesn’t offer a replacement battery. However, they will replace your vacuum if its under warranty.

Everything about the battery puts it at the top, feature wise, when comparing to other cordless stick vacuums. Long runtime and short charge time.

However, the big complaint is that Eufy doesn’t offer a replacement battery that you can just swap out if yours happens to go bad after the warranty period ends (Eufy guarantees the HomeVac for 15 months). If you have a do-it-yourself spirit then you can probably find a replacement battery from a store like Batteries Plus.

Now, if your vacuum is still under warranty Eufy is extremely responsive and helpful when it comes to fixing problems or sending a replacement vacuum.

Filtration and Dustbin

Remember I talked about compromises you have to make with cordless vacuums?

Well, the dustbin capacity (0.9 L) of the Eufy HomeVac is twice as large as the Dyson V6 Series cordless, which is impressive and totally not a compromise. The Dyson V6 is a 2-in-1 instead of a full-size stick, so this is cheating a little bit.

You still have to deal with a lot of the common problems bagless vacuums have. Having an overall smaller filter system means it will clog easier. Debris (hair and fibers) will get wrapped around the filter cylinder in the center of the dustbin. You will want to clean this out at least every time you fully discharge the battery, but probably more often if you have pets or a large family that produces tons of hair.

The pre-filter, shown above, is where you will see the buildup of hair and fibers. This is extremely common in bagless vacuums and is just part of the experience.

The filter is washable, and you should let it dry for 24 hours after washing.


There aren’t any special attachments with this vacuum, as there isn’t really anywhere to attach anything (no hose). You do get a wall mount, however. This is a new trend and many of these stick and 2-in-1 vacuum comes with wall mounts, such as the Dyson V6 and V8.


The warranty is fairly competitive at 15 months. The Hoover Linx comes with a 2-year warranty and the Shark Rotator Freestyle comes with a 1-year warranty.

Eufy is very responsive and eager to solve warranty issues. If you’re having major issues they will simply send you a new vacuum. No hassle.


Conclusion for the Eufy HomeVac

Does the Eufy Homevac bring more to the table in terms of cleaning power and features?

I think it’s better than the Shark Rotator Freestyle due to the battery quality. The Hoover Linx has the same type of battery and is easily replaced; major points for that.

Though there doesn’t seem to be a problem with cleaning bare floors, the lack of an option to turn off the brushroll is a bit annoying. The Hoover Linx has the option to turn on/off the brushroll.

Overall it depends on price, which changes quite a bit seasonally. So check out the price comparison below and see what’s right for you.