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DreamSpa Shower Heads

DreamSpa shower heads are an affordable line of rainfall and LED shower heads. These rainfall shower heads cover a large area with widths ranging from 7 to 12 inches.

Here are a few facts to consider about DreamSpa Shower Heads:

  • Visual Indicator of Water Temperature (LED)ts
  • No batteries required – water powered LED bright enough to shower in the dark! (useful if the power goes out!)
  • Wide Shower Heads cover a larger area which speeds up washing and keeps you warm.
  • Many Spray settings to choose from: Power rain, pulsating massage, economy rain, and more.

Having a visual indicator for the water temperature is extremely convenient. It means no jumping in the shower and getting a surprise, hot or cold. Green means the water color is in the ideal range, while blue and red mean it’s either too cold or too hot.

I’m not sure if this was an intentional feature, but the LED is bright enough to use it as the only light source when taking a shower. Since it’s powered by the water, in a situation where you lost power you would still be able to take a shower without having another light source in the room.

Most of the DreamSpa shower heads are the wide, rainfall style. This means they cover a large area, as big as 12″ wide, and have many spray settings to choose from.

DreamSpa LED Temperature Range

Here are the temperature ranges all DreamSpa shower heads use to switch between LED colors:

  • BLUE – Cool under 95F (35C)
  • GREEN – Warm 95-108F (35-42C)
  • RED – Hot 109-122F (43-50C)
  • FLASHING RED – Warning Hot over 122F (50C)


The DreamSpa shower heads are definitely one of the cheaper shower heads available.

There is some concern about the LED’s failing, possibly due to the powering mechanism and not the LED itself. Some users also report it is loud when turned on. Additionally, there are incidents where the shower head body leaks a large amount of water and makes the shower head unusable. There are less of these cases over the last year.

With that said, there are many reviewers that have been using these shower heads for over a year without any trouble.

Take advantage of the warranty provided if you have any trouble.

DreamSpa 1432 3-way Rainfall Shower-Head and Handheld Shower, Chrome

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The DreamSpa 1432 has a 3-way diverter that allows you to use the fixed shower head and handheld at the same time.

At 7 inches wide, the rainfall shower head is on the lower end relative to the others in this list. However, with the additional 4″ wide handheld shower head you will be able to get the shower experience you’re looking for. The 7 settings available on the handheld are Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Eco Rain, Rain/Mist, Rain/Massage, and Water-saving pause mode.

The handheld shower hose is 5 feet long, which is typical. The rainfall shower head can be angle-adjusted, so you have plenty of freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the shower head swivel?

A: Yes, it can move up or down to control the spray angle.

Q: Do I need any additional components for the installation?

A: No, you receive the rainfall shower head, handheld shower head, shower hose, water diverter, washers, and teflon tape. That’s all you need!

Q: Can I use only the handheld?

A: Yes, the dial on the left side can be adjusted to use either or both shower heads.

Q: What is the length of the hose?

A: 5 feet.

Our Rating

Overall, this is the least expensive DreamSpa shower head available. It is missing the temperature sensitive LED feature which most other DreamSpa shower heads have.

My concern with this shower head is some of the connections are made of plastic, which won’t last as long as metal. However, with the warranty you can send it back and get a replacement if there are any issues.

DreamSpa 5-Setting Color Changing LED Handheld Shower-Head


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This DreamSpa model has temperature sensitive LED’s we mentioned earlier. There are 3 colors, red, green, and blue, with green being the optimal temperature.

This shower head is handheld and has 5 different spray settings: Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Economy Rain, and Water-Saving Pause. You can use the dial to increase or decrease the power. The hose is made of extra-flexible stainless steel and the connections are dual conical brass hose nuts which are easily tightened by hand.

The warranty period is 1 year. It’s only valid in the U.S. You will want to register your product to make sure there aren’t any issues if you need to make use of the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long is the hose?

A: 5 feet.

Q: The hose is too short, can I get an extension?

A: Yes the hoses are a universal size. You could get a longer one from Amazon or other retailer.

Q: Can the LED be controlled?

A: No, there is no manual control of the LED.

Q: What is the flow rate?

A: 2.5 gallons per minute (9.5 liters per minute)

Our Rating

Having a visual indicator of the water temperature is a nice convenience.

There does seems to be some question of quality of the LED lighting mechanism, but if you have any issues you can easily have it replaced.

Overall, I think with the low price point and warranty it’s a product that is great for dipping your toes into more feature-rich shower heads.

DreamSpa Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head


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This is basically a non-handheld version of the DreamSpa shower head above.

The chrome face is a little bit wider at 5.25″. You get the same 5 settings and power dial.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this model handheld?

A: No, it is a fixed-mount shower head. The shower head does swivel like most standard shower heads.

Q: Is it made of all metal?

A: No, the part that connects to the pipe in your wall is metal, but the shower head itself is mostly plastic.

Our Rating

If you aren’t interested in a handheld shower head, then this is a better fit for you than any of the previously mentioned shower heads. It has all the features you need, but with a fixed-mount shower head.

Again, it’s a good bargain for the price. The manufacturer seems to be responsive to customer issues.

DreamSpa 9-Inch Rainfall Shower Head / Handheld Combo


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This is the largest rainfall shower head by DreamSpa that we’ve looked at so far. With the 9-inch wide rainfall shower head and handheld combo, you’ll be sure to get plenty of water coverage. You can easily switch between the handheld and rainfall shower head by simply hitting a button on the handheld, which is much easier than trying to fumble with a dial on the shower head. The handheld is rather large at 4.75 inches wide. You can get a high-power rain or gentle mist with the push of a button.

The nice thing about a wide shower head is that it covers your whole body easily, which means you stay warm. You don’t have to try to angle the water just right to keep warm.

The rainfall shower head and handheld holder are wall-mounted. You get a 2.5 GPM flow rate and the typical 5 feet hose.

Note there are no LED’s with this model.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it have a flow adapter or aerator in order to conserve water?

A: Yes, but it can be removed.

Q: Can you use both shower heads at the same time?

A: You can but the pressure will be reduced.

Q: Is it made out of plastic or metal?

A: It is mostly plastic.

Our Rating

This is my favorite shower head of the ones I’ve shown you so far. The wide angle and easy switching to the handheld really sell it.

The quality is an improvement over the previous models, but it is mostly plastic. You don’t have an LED, which for some people is desirable.

Overall, this is an inexpensive upgrade with a great warranty.

DreamSpa Instant-Mount Drill-Free 36-Setting 3-Way Dual Shower Head


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In case you’re wondering, the slide bar attached to the pipe of your shower head and hangs down. As long as it is attached tightly, it won’t swing. You can slide the handheld shower head up and down this bar which lets you vary the height of the shower for many reasons. There isn’t a suction cup to hold the bottom of the rod rigid, however.

There are 7 settings to choose from including Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Rain/Mist, Rain/Massage and Water-saving Eco Rain, and Pause Mode. The handheld hose is 5 feet long, which is standard.

The finish is chrome, but the shower head is made of plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Could a 5-year old reach the handheld shower head?

A: Yes, this is one of the reasons to buy an adjustable height shower head!

Q: Is the diverter valve a gradual diversion or are there 3 discrete settings?

A: It is gradual.

Q: Does the clamp for the shower head stay in place or does it slide?

A: There isn’t any issue with the shower head sliding. Nothing to worry about here.

Q: How difficult is the installation?

A: Extremely easy. You don’t even need tools, unless you need to remove your old shower head.

Our Rating

The sliding bar adds a nice touch for families with small children or animals they like to give showers. You can get the handheld to slide far enough down to keep it spraying on your dog while you soap them up.

You get the same warranty as with the other DreamSpa products. Overall this is a great purchase for the price and has all the necessities.

DreamSpa 3-way LED Pressure-Boost Shower Head


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This is the first handheld and fixed shower head combination that has LED’s from the DreamSpa product line.

Remember there are no batteries involved. The LED is powered by hydroelectric power, which is just from the running water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

strong>Q: Does the “Turbo” mode really work?

A: Somewhat, but the different settings have there own water pressure differences to begin with. Overall, there is a small change, but it is stronger.

Q: Is the connection to the wall pipe metal or teflon?

A: Metal

Q: What is the shower head made of?

A: Plastic

Our Rating

The “Turbo” mode my not be appropriately named, but this shower head works well. The combination of handheld and fixed shower head along with the LED’s is a nice setup.

The additional features seem to justify the small price increase, but this shower head is still extremely inexpensive.

DreamSpa AquaFan 12 inch All-Chrome Rainfall-LED-Shower-Head


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The DreamSpa AquaFan is probably my favorite out of the DreamSpa series. The 12-inch wide LED shower head is huge! It effortlessly keep you covered with warm water. Not only do you get a LED color indicator for water temperature, but it also tells you the exact water temperature with an LCD display. This means you can get the number just right and remember where you like to leave the temperature setting.

There are 123 individual jets that make up this rainfall shower head. They are very easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it metal or plastic?

A: Plastic with Chrome coating.

Q: Can you remove the water flow restricter?

A: Yes, this increased the water pressure.

Q: How easy is it to install?

A: Extremely easy, you don’t need a professional.

Our Rating

This shower head is the best bang for your buck of the DreamSpa Series, especially if you don’t really need a handheld. The LED temperature indicator that shows the exact number for the water temperature is extremely handy. It takes the guess work out of getting the right temperature.