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What Are the Best Bauer Power Tools?

What are the Best Bauer Power Tools

Hand tools are great. They’re a lifesaver when it comes to getting the job done with impeccable results. By channeling immense power into your simple, human hand, they open up a whole world of possibilities. While a well-equipped home garage may be set up to tackle DIY challenges, a great collection of power tools is … Read more

What Are the Best Battery Powered Circular Saws?

What are the Best Battery Powered Circular Saws

As the more flexible handheld cousins of generic table saws, circular saws make it a breeze to slice through a vast assortment of materials ranging from plastic, wood, and masonry to metal. And, as a bonus, they’re easier to transport. Initially invented in the late 1800s, circular saws have significantly evolved, with contemporary models boasting … Read more

What Are the Best Hand Tools for the Money?

What are the Best Hand Tools for the Money

Hand tools are one category of items for which there are countless designs. But, before you get into the air-driven or frivolous electric power tools, it’s essential to cover the basics. Knowing your way around hand tools is like learning to write with a pen before getting to a keyboard. Granted, it’s easier said than … Read more