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Bissell Bolt XRT Pet 2-in-1 Vacuum Review



The Bissell Bolt XRT Pet 2-in-1 is one of four 2-in-1’s in the Bissell Bolt Series. As the name suggests it is intended for handling pet hair, and comes with a pet hair attachment for the hand vac and a pet hair brushroll for the upright.

Just by looking at the Bissell Bolt Series of vacuums, you can’t tell much difference as they are nearly the exact same body with different batteries and motors.

The Bolt XRT Pet is on the low end for runtime, 20 minutes, and has the NiMH battery instead of Lithium Ion.

When Bissell says pet hair brushroll, they mean it has a rubber brush instead of the typical nylon. The pet hair attachment for the hand vac is also a rubber tipped brush. This seems to be effective, so if the shorter runtime and NiMH battery aren’t too big of a compromise then consider this 2-in-1 for spot cleaning after pets.

The dust bin, like most 2-in-1s, is very small. Seriously, these vacuums are not meant for heavy cleaning and don’t expect to vacuum your whole house with it. If you are vacuuming up a lot of pet hair, expect to clean the filter and empty the bin often.

Recommended For:

  • Bare Floors
  • Low-pile Carpet
  • Spot cleaning pet hair
  • RVs, vehicles

  • 2-Way folding handle to easily clean under furniture and easy storage
  • Swivel steering
  • Rubber brushroll and hand vac attachment for cleaning pet hair
  • Edge bristles on vacuum head
  • 20 minute runtime
  • Tiny dust bin
  • 1-year warranty is shorter than Bolt XRT and Bolt ION plus
  • Takes about 8 hours to charge
  • NiMH Battery


At 14.4V, the motor is on the low end of the Bissell Bolt range.

The filter and dust bin on this vacuum is very small, typical for a 2-in-1. Small particles will gather around the primary filter and obstruct airflow, so keep it clean for the best performance.

The same is true for larger debris like pet hair, it will gather around the primary filter, so you may find yourself cleaning it more than once per session. You probably own a jumbo coffee cup the size of this dust bin, so just know that even though the battery only lasts 20 minutes, you couldn’t get much more from it anyway without emptying the dust bin and cleaning the filter.

Carpet Performance

Low-pile carpet or rugs are all this vacuum can handle.

You can see this vacuums performance with pet hair on carpet in the video under the Pet Hair section.

Bare Floor Performance

This is really where the Bissell Bolt XRT Pet shines, and you can expect good performance on all bare floors. The vacuum has wheels that won’t scratch wood floors and you have the options of turning the brushroll on high or low.

In the video below, you can see its performance on tile floor. The brush isn’t throwing any dirt around and works nicely.



  • Crevice Tool with Dusting brush (for hand vac)
  • Pet Hair Nozzle Tool (for hand vac)
  • Pet Hair Brushroll

This is what differentiates the Bolt XRT Pet and other Bolt Series vacuums, since the Bolt XRT Pet attachments are meant for cleaning pet hair.

You really have to decide if compromising battery life, dealing with a NiMH battery, and giving up a year of warranty is worth it to you.


For wood stairs, this vacuum will perform its best since you can easily use the hand vac to get in crevices. However, there is not a motorized brush attachment for the hand vac, so for cleaning carpet you will either have to use the pet hair brush or pick up the vacuum and move it along the stairs.

If the hand vac works for you when cleaning stairs then great, otherwise it is a bit awkward to lift then entire vacuum and slide it along the stairs. It’s not out of the question though since this vacuum is only about 6 lbs.

Battery & Runtime

  • 20 minutes runtime
  • NiMH Battery
  • 8 Hour charge time
  • Battery is NOT user replaceable

Bissell says that it is fine to leave the vacuum plugged into the charger even after it is fully charged. Before using the vacuum for the first time, ensure that it is fully charged.

Since the battery is not user replaceable, you will either need to send it back to Bissell or take it to a technician if it fails. This is true for all Bissell Bolt Series vacuums.

If you need to dispose of this vacuum, remove the battery per Bissell’s instructions since NiMH batteries must be disposed of properly according to Federal and State law.

Though the runtime is fairly short, due to the small dust bin you likely wouldn’t be able to run it much longer anyways.


The Bissell Bolt XRT Pet has a large-debris filter and washable secondary filter. The filter system is very small, about the size of a 6 oz. coffee cup. The filter is not HEPA rated, but there are HEPA filtered 2-in-1 stick vacuums available if that is something you need.

Pet Hair

As always, the key to dealing with pet hair is keeping the brushroll clean. If you allow hair to build up around the brushroll it will eventually fail.

You may need to clean it after every use, or maybe even twice during one cleaning. It really just depends how much hair you’re throwing at it.

It’s best not rely on this, or any other cordless stick, for handling large amounts pet hair. Use it as a secondary vacuum, or clean often.

If pet hair a big deal for you, and you really want a cordless stick, the Dyson V6 or V8 Absolute series has the best suction, though they are much more expensive.

This video shows the Bissell XRT Pet picking up pet hair on carpet.


Regular Maintenance & Clog Removal

If you’re vacuuming a lot of hair you usually want to pay close attention to the brushroll, but the first place you might get trouble with this vacuum is at the filter. Keep hair and strings from building up around the brushroll to prevent failure.

Bissell recommends cleaning the filter with warm water and a mild detergent if needed. Let the filter dry for 24 hours before inserting it into the vacuum.

Customer Reviews

Users with several pets find that the suction is lacking on carpet, and it’s best to use this behind a stronger vacuum for spot cleaning.

Overall it’s a disappointment when vacuuming pet hair from even low-pile carpet.

Warranty & Customer Service

  • 1-year warranty
  • Good customer service

Bissell seems to be responsive to customer complaints and honors their warranty without issue. The warranty is only for 1 year, which is shorter than the other Bissell Bolt Series vacuums. Definitely, a bad mark since the NiMH battery can be troublesome.

Similar Products

Replacement Parts

The battery is not user replaceable, so if it fails you will need to send it back to Bissell or take it to a technician.

The washable filters are readily available from Amazon should yours begin to show age.


Form Factor2-in-1 stick
Brush Height AdjustmentNo
Battery TypeNiMH
Multi-Floor OptionYes
Charge IndicatorNo
WeightAbout 6 lbs
Runtime20 minutes
Charge TimeAbout 8 hours
Warranty1 year