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Bissell Bolt 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Review



The Bissell Bolt is the cheapest option in the Bolt Series. The main difference is the weaker battery, a 12V NiMH, which provides only 15 minutes of runtime. The NiMH battery also requires 8 hours to charge, which is very inconvenient if you’re doing anything but cleaning up a spot here and there. It also has the weakest suction of the Bolt Series.

This 2-in-1 is truly meant for spot cleaning, and you won’t get the versatility seen in the Bolt ION XRT 2-in-1.

If you’ve got a larger vacuum that you usually use and just need something for quick cleaning, then this should be okay. Also, small spaces like campers and boats are ideal for this type of vacuum. For those situations, you probably won’t be disappointed with this product. The main thing is to think about the environment you plan on using this vacuum before making the purchase.

We can’t recommend this vacuum for bare floors because there is no way to turn off the brush roll or at least slow it down. You will have to go over debris a few times since this vacuum may throw it around on bare floors. Low-pile carpet and rugs will see the best performance, but it is not a deep cleaning vacuum.

With that said, don’t count this vacuum out entirely on bare floors. If a quick cleaning is all you’re looking to get out of this vacuum, then it will work fine.

Recommended For:

  • Low-pile Carpet
  • RV’s, Vehicles, Boats
  • Capable of covering less than 500 Square Feet

  • 15 minute runtime
  • Swivel has great maneuverability
  • 2-Way Folding Handle
  • Battery is NOT user replaceable
  • Very small dustbin
  • 2-in-1’s are less powerful than basic stick vacuums
  • No EdgeReach Technology
  • NiMH Battery and 8-hour charge time
  • No Variable Speed Control for Brush roll


With a 12V motor, the Bissell Bolt is the weakest of the Bolt Series, but may be sufficient if you only plan on using it for light spot cleaning and small areas.

The lack of variable speed control is an issue since this usually means debris gets thrown around on bare floors. This vacuum will handle surface-level cleaning of low-pile carpets and rugs best.

The Hand Vac works well on furniture, windows, and other above-floor areas you may need to clean.


Carpet Performance

Low-pile carpet and rugs are where you will get the best performance, though it will only superficially clean them. Don’t expect a deep clean.

Since the brush roll can’t be turned off carpet is where this vacuum works best.

Bare Floor Performance

As mentioned before, the lack of control of the brush roll is an issue for bare floors. You will end up having to go over debris multiple times, and some may get kicked around by the brush roll.

If you’re looking for a more versatile 2-in-1, go for one that has an option to adjust the brush roll motor. This is the only vacuum in the Bissell Bolt Series that doesn’t have this option. So if you like the Bissell form factor then check out the Bissell Bolt ION Plus.


  • Crevice Tool with Dusting Brush for Hand Vac
  • 6-inch Wide Tool for Hand Vac
  • Multi-surface brushroll

An attachment the Bissel Bolt lacks is an extended-reach tool above-floor places like wall corners, shelving, and ceiling fans. Luckily, this can be bought separately if need be at Amazon.


As stated before, this vacuum can handle stairs, but preferably stairs without carpet.

Since there is no motorized brush attachment, you will be using the Hand Vac with its 6-inch wide nozzle attachment. This won’t agitate the carpet much, but if your stair carpet isn’t thick, then it would be fine.

Another option is to pick up the vacuum and move it along each stair. The vacuum is light enough to do that with ease, but you may find it awkward.

If you’re willing to buy another attachment, Bissell does have a Stair & Upholstery Tool(part# 1604257) for the Bolt Series. It’s still not a motorized brush, but the bristles will help agitate dirt and dust out of the carpet, and it a great compromise for the price.

Battery & Runtime

You can leave the vacuum on the charging station when it’s not in use or finished charging.

  • 15 minutes
  • NiMH Battery
  • 8 Hour charge time
  • Battery is NOT user replaceable


The Bissell Bolt uses a washable, replaceable filter for fine particles and a filter screen for larger debris. The filter isn’t meant to be washed after each use, only the filter cup that holds it.

Pet Hair

Picking up pet hair on bare floors will be easy for this vacuum, but you won’t get more than a surface-level cleaning on carpet. This is fine if you plan on using a more powerful vacuum for deep cleaning.

Since the dustbin is so small, you will be emptying it often if you have a lot of hair to deal with. It’s important not to let clogs build and strain the motor. This is what causes early failure of both the brush roll motor and vacuum motor. Cut out hair and strings as they build up around the brush roll to avoid failure.

Regular Maintenance & Clog Removal

After each use, make sure any strings or hair wrapped around the brush roll are removed. Clean the filter cup and shake out the filter.

If you noticed reduced suction, check for clogs around the entrance to the pipe at the vacuum head and the dustbin. Remove clogs as early as possible to prevent damage to the motor.

Bissell recommends:

  • Wash the filter cup after each use
  • Shake out the filter
  • After heavy use, wash the filter and let dry for 24 hours
  • If the filter becomes worn, replace

Customer Reviews

Users that have pets say that it picks up pet hair just fine on bare floors and carpet. The major problem is just the size of the dustbin and filter system. Debris builds up around the filter quickly, which is the size of a 6 oz coffee cup and weakens the suction. It does, however, not have trouble picking up the hair.

The battery is a big negative that is frequently mentioned. Only having 15 minutes of runtime and then having to wait 8 hours for a full charge is not very friendly. Again, spot cleaning is what this vacuum is meant for.

Users that bought it for light cleaning and occasionally using the Hand Vac are satisfied. That’s really where this vacuum shines. It’s lightweight, easily cleaned, and affordable.

Warranty & Customer Service

Like the Bissell Bolt XRT Pet, the warranty is only for 1 year. The ION Plus and ION XRT have 2 year warranties.

Bissell seems to have great customer service. Users that needed to contact a Bissell representative for repairs or replacement reported good service.

If you need a part replaced or something breaks due to defect, then you can be confident you can get it taken care of.

This is something that’s important if you’re looking at saving money by buying a budget product. If you end up replacing it because it fails and the company won’t honor their warranty or makes excuses, then you’re not saving money at all.

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Form Factor2-in-1 Stick and Hand Vac
Brush Height AdjustmentNo
Battery TypeNiMH
Multi-Floor OptionYes
Charge IndicatorYes
Weight6 lbs
Runtime15 minutes
FilterWashable, replaceable
Charge Timehours
Warranty1 years