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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair: 10 Vacuum Cleaners for Taming Allergies and Hair

It’s no secret that our pets give us love and laughter in abundance. But it’s a double-edged sword because they also leave a ton of leftover fur everywhere around the home.

So, if you’re accustomed to wearing clothes sullied with pet hair, or sharing a bed with your beloved pet, then you may consider ways of cleaning up. The best vacuum for pet hair will tidy things a bit by clearing up messes in even the tightest corners of your home. And it’ll do its job in a quiet way without overly intimidating skittish pets.

But with the number of options currently on the market, finding one that best fits your needs can require a lot of time. After all, many models are very similar.

In this list, we whittle down the masses to get those diamonds in the rough, so to speak: here are the top 10 vacuums for pet hair that’ll give you value for money.

1. Dyson Big Ball Canister Vacuum

This is a cylinder model that’s suitable for fast but thorough cleaning. The Dyson Big Ball Canister Vacuum contains a pneumatic head that automatically adjusts how it picks up dirt and debris depending on floor type. For example, going from carpet to wood, it sucks in dirt and debris just as effectively without you having to change a setting.

While there’s a standard power mode that does an excellent job, you’ll be impressed by the max mode that efficiently handles the messiest dirt (we’re talking muddy walks with a shedding Japanese Spitz). So, from a hair-ridden carpet to stubborn dirt, there’s nothing this vacuum cleaner can’t handle.

Dyson Big Ball Canister Vacuum

The Dyson Big Ball Canister Vacuum is armed with rotating heads that effortlessly lift the hair on the stairs. You’ll find a carbon fiber turbine head that’s a beast at eliminating dust on hard floors.

The standard crevice tool can grab bits of dirt and fluff that are tucked away in the corners of your home. With the vacuum’s long hose, you’re assured of good reach wherever you need to clean.


  • Easy to move and empty 
  • User-friendly
  • 5-year warranty included
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect for all surfaces including hard flooring
  • Innovative design


  • Pricey


2. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

Do you have a long-haired cat or dog? Then the Shark APEX Upright Vacuum is right up your alley. It’s armed with Duo-Clean Technology, which entails a dual brush-roll system that directly engages floors for a polished look, and deep cleans carpets.

The brush roll’s self-cleaning ability saves you the hassle of removing fur and hair that’s tangled around it after each vacuuming session.

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum

As a Shark vacuum, it’s a no-brainer to offer the Lift-Away system. This means the canister can detach in order to extend the cleaner head’s reach, thus delivering longer reach. The Shark APEX is ideal for maneuvering under sofas and beds, and on stairs.

Other than sucking up hair and fur, this vacuum is packed with various innovative features. These include LED lighting for enhanced visibility in dark spaces, upholstery, and a crevice tool that effectively cleans pet fur from furniture. It also offers on-board tool storage.

You’ll also find a built-in HEPA filter that’s a beast in removing pet dander and allergens during vacuuming.


  • Hair and fur don’t get stuck in the brush-roll 
  • Has a powerful suction
  • Removes allergens and pet dander
  • LED lights for better visibility
  • Lift-Away feature for difficult-to-reach areas


  • On the heavier side of the spectrum


3. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Corded Vacuum

If you’re on a quest for an excellent pet vacuum that lacks a bag, then have a look at the Miele Complete C3. From a brand renowned for top-notch engineering, it comes as no surprise that the C3 has an array of handy features.

For starters, it has a five-level electronic bush that adapts to various carpet piles, from high to low, and vice versa. The brush deep cleans carpets, thus efficiently getting rid of accumulated pet fur, hair, and dirt.

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Corded Vacuum

Secondly, the pet vacuum is armed with a Parquet Twister floor-head that contains soft bristles. In turn, this paves the way for gentle but thorough hard-floor cleaning. You can alternate between six suction power settings that are specific to surfaces being cleaned via the -/+ footswitches on the Miele Complete C3.

With the Active Air Clean Filter, pet hair and dried mud can easily be thwarted by this vacuum. It’s an innovative feature that entails two electrostatic filters to get rid of allergens, along with a charcoal-filter that absorbs odors and allergens. You won’t suffer when emptying this vacuum after each use.


  • Unmatched convenience 
  • Handles any surface like a pro  
  • 3-year warranty included
  • Easy to empty
  • Absorbs allergens and odors
  • Neat design that makes it easy to easy to transport and store


  • Not suitable for those with back problems
  • Premium price


4. Dyson Ball Animal 2

Are you looking more for an upright model as opposed to the cylinder style described above? Then check out the Dyson Ball Animal 2. With a clever brush head, this vacuum effortlessly collects hair trails left by your furry friend, without tangling them up.

Moreover, the motorized brush can attack stubborn stains from muddy paws. So, whether its fur embedded in your carpet or mud on the kitchen floor, the Dyson Ball Animal 2 gets the job done quickly and to perfection courtesy of the powerful suction.

Dyson Ball Animal 2

You may want to take it down a notch for carpet vacuuming, as it can be a tad bit challenging to push compared with other vacuums. It won’t spread dirt around the room and reaches all corners. The vacuum cleaner is packed with other impressive features that make it a worthwhile investment.

These include a tangle-free turbine and stair tool that’s ideal for handling various types of pet hair and getting fur and other debris off the upholstery.

It’s a two-in-one tool that gets rid of cobwebs and dust. The telltale ball and low-profile head make swishing this beauty round a real treat. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has a long cord, which gives you better reach when cleaning upper corners and stairs.

It eliminates the need to change outlets that would otherwise slow you down. With the whole-machine filtration system, allergens are trapped inside the vacuum cleaner and not expelled back into the room.


  • Handles all types of pet hair 
  • The ball enhances portability  
  • Long cord for better maneuverability
  • Reaches all corners of a room
  • Works quickly
  • Neat design makes it easy to store


  • On the heavier side
  • Noisy


5. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away True-Pet Upright Vacuum 

Are you looking for a vacuum that’s tough on pet hair, but you’re undecided on an upright or canister model? You might want to consider the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away True-Pet Upright Vacuum.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away True-Pet Upright Vacuum

If an upright vacuum cleaner is a Labrador you can count on, a stick model is a speedy greyhound. If a cylinder vacuum represents a tough bulldog, then this product is the ideal mutt.

As an upright model, the vacuum’s Powered Lift-Away detachable canister allows users to access difficult-to-reach areas without losing suction power.

It comes with anti-allergen complete seal technology coupled with a HEPA filter that effectively traps allergens and dust inside the vacuum. With the built-in True Pet technology, the foot and attachments easily lift the hair. And, the boost button increases power for getting rid of dirt and debris embedded in the floors.


  • Floor illumination for enhanced visibility 
  • Users can charge the battery separately 
  • Diverse cleaning styles
  • HEPA filter and anti-allergen seal technology
  • Reasonably priced


  • Smaller capacity
  • Long hair gets caught up in the brush


6. Dyson Light Ball Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that’s a breeze to handle, then the Dyson Light Ball Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum might be for you. When it comes to maneuverability, the roller-ball and small head technology allow this model to glide seamlessly across all types of flooring.

And, it’s sufficiently flexible to reach below tall furniture and corners for a thorough clean.

Don’t underestimate just how light a Dyson vacuum cleaner with roller ball technology can feel in your hand, though. Weighing slightly over 20 pounds, you won’t feel like you’re lugging this model around when cleaning.

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The Dyson Light Ball Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum delivers consistent suction power courtesy of its bagless cleaning technology. You’ll find three suction modes: the 1st for stubborn dirt, the 2nd for collecting large debris, and the 3rd for deep pile carpets.

The Tangle-Free Turbine Tool is packed with counter-rotating heads that make cleaning up pet fur a walk in the park.

Designed to curb tangling, this tool effortlessly transfers more dirt and hair into the canister. The efficient filter implies that allergens remain in the canister, thus making the vacuum cleaner perfect for pet owners suffering from allergies.

With a long cable that’s slightly over 30 feet, the Dyson Light Ball Multi-Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum makes it easy to clean both high and hard-to-reach surfaces, thus leaving them spick and span.


  • Suitable for cleaning large houses 
  • Provides consistent power suction
  • Instantly changes directions with one turn of your wrist
  • Flexible ceiling to floor cleaning
  • Topnotch filtration system that keeps bacteria and allergens trapped in the machine
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Cumbersome for people of smaller stature


7. 3670G Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re gravitating more towards the best vacuum for pet hair that’s the perfect combination of affordability and efficiency, then the 3670G Eureka Mighty Mite ticks all the boxes. This canister vacuum cleaner does a good job cleaning rugs and carpets.

3670G Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner

It’s more suitable for tile and wooden flooring because of the combination of the nozzle and unique bare floor brushes that deliver a powerful clean. The 3670G Eureka Mighty Mite contains vacuum bags that effectively house allergens filtered through the HEPA filter. And none escape upon emptying the canister.

The 20-foot power cord allows you to clean a flight of stairs, long hallway, or an entire room before unplugging it. The fingertip controls usher in easy and swift cleaning of all surfaces in your home, which includes drapes and upholstery.

As a result of its long power cord and small size, the 3670G Eureka Mighty Mite is also ideal for cleaning outdoor soft furnishings and car interiors that your furry friends may lie on.


  • Easy storage and maneuverability
  • Inexpensive
  • Captures most air-borne allergens
  • Finger-tip controls and power-touch handles for powerful cleaning
  • Suitable for tile and wooden floors


  • Hose bends easily


With an extraordinary Zero-M self-cleaning brush that’s built to get rid of even the most stubborn pet hairs, this vacuum cleaner does the job with efficiency. Courtesy of the 3XL dust cup with a capacity of 2.8 quarts, you can use the Shark Navigator Zero-M Upright Vacuum for longer than its rivals, and without the hassle of frequently emptying the dusty contents.

Shark Navigator Zero-M Upright Vacuum

It also has a 12-foot hose that ushers in no-fuss. Aside from delivering remarkable cleaning capabilities for pet fur, this vacuum cleaner also utilizes the Complete Seal technology that includes a HEPA filter. So, 99.9% of allergens, ranging from dirt and pet dander to dust, are effectively trapped with no chance of escaping.


  • Provides unmatched portability and maneuverability 
  • Self-cleaning brush that removes stubborn pet fur
  • Effectively traps dirt, pet dander, and dust
  • Lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Can be noisy


9. Kenmore 31140 Upright Beltless Vacuum

You can use this lightweight, multi-surface, and multi-floor vacuum cleaner in your home. The air-driven turbine spins a roller brush with high Revolutions per Minute (RPM), effortlessly eradicating stubborn pet fur, debris, and dander from car seats, furniture, stairs, and furniture.

Kenmore 31140 Upright Beltless Vacuum

The Kenmore 31140 Upright Beltless Vacuum also has a HEPA filter system that traps up to 99.7% of dust, debris, and dander inside it. In turn, this diminishes the allergy-induced pollutants in your home. 

The vacuum cleaner also has a flexible wand and a hose that lengthens to reach up to 10 feet. And, for convenient transitions in cleaning, the Kenmore 31140 Upright Beltless Vacuum has a second bare floor tool and crevice tool.


  • Aluminum wand with three attachments 
  • Four height adjustments for optimal cleaning efficiency
  • Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA)
  • Lightweight and user-friendly


  • Bristles may leave scratches on wooden floors


10. Dyson Cyclone V10

Delivering a maximum of 60-minutes runtime when a non-motorized tool is in use, the Dyson Cyclone V10 vacuum cleaner gets the job done to perfection. It also uses Cyclone technology that with up to 14 concentric cyclones.

Dyson Cyclone V10

With an instant-release trigger, the vacuum’s battery power is only utilized when it’s actively cleaning. And, it has a charging time of at least 3.5 hours before the first use.

The Torque drive cleaner head has a maximum of 20 minutes of fade-free power when suction mode II is activated. In turn, this drives the nylon bristles into carpets to capture and get rid of hidden dirt, debris, and pet hair.


  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Captures allergens and bacteria
  • Battery is only active during cleaning
  • Swiftly transforms into a hand-held machine
  • Picks up fine dirt, dust, debris, and hair hidden in carpets and furniture


  • Premium price


Closing Remarks

If your family has any type of furry friend, then the best vacuum for pet hair (such as the ones listed above) can be a lifesaver. While different pet breeds shed less compared to others, they all lose fur to a certain level. By investing in the most powerful products, you and your family will have a cleaner and healthier home.