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Finding the Best Vacuum for Intex Pools [Top Picks]

Swimming is the best form of recreation for reducing stress. So, when those sweaty days roll around the corner, swimming pools become an attractive amenity. If you have an area to spare, you may have already considered having an inground pool to laze around in.

But if you want something easy to install, you might’ve considered one of those DIY Intex pools. These pools are affordable and easy to maintain, using only the best vacuum for Intex pools.

Intex currently dominates the world of DIY pools. Let’s face it; they’re way cheaper than inground pools. Aside from that, you’ll have a variety of designs and layouts to choose from. And if you have kids, above-ground pools are safer because of the higher elevation.

Keeping your pool sanitary need not be exhausting, as there are plenty of options available for pools. You might want to see our picks below of the best vacuum for Intex pools. We cover some of the best players in this in-depth (no puns) review article.

Best Vacuum for Intex Pools

Debris and minute particles may also be swimming in your pool water. Investing in a pool cleaner will not only help you save your pool water from constant refilling, but it’ll also keep your swimming pool free from harmful particles that can cause skin infections and other health concerns.

There are various types of vacuum pool cleaners. You can have the inexpensive manual one though it requires much work. You might want an automatic vacuum to cut down on your cleaning time, or you may also choose the cool robotic cleaner to save you more energy. The choice is yours. Here are our top vacuum choices.

The Best Vacuum for Intex Pools—Manual

Almost all above ground pools, especially Intex, have liners. These are overlay covers that prevent water from leaking outside of your pool. Made from vinyl, these coverings are prone to tearing and breaking when it comes in contact with abrasive materials.

You may need to replace your pool or liner over again. Manual cleaners are the best vacuum for Intex pools as far as subtleness is concerned. These are the simplest as well as the most affordable cleaner for almost all above ground pools.


U.S. Pool Supply Portable Deluxe Jet Pool Vacuum Underwater Cleaner

U.S. Pool Supply Portable Deluxe Jet Pool Vacuum Underwater Cleaner

With 5 section poles, a leaf bag, and scrub brushes, the U.S. Pool Supply Jet Pool Vacuum Underwater Cleaner makes a complete pool cleaner set. Its vacuum creates a powerful venturi suction effect to remove particles from the water effectively. This unit is great for all types of ponds, spas, and pools that have medium-sized areas.

If your pool isn’t too large for a traditional vac nor too small not to get one, this cleaner will suffice. You can attach this to any standard garden hose through a built-in adaptor. It effectively cleans your pool floor and walls to get rid of moss and algae. You will never have to suffer from cloudy water ever again. They are pretty safe for your vinyl liners as well, so you don’t need to worry about damage.


  • Full pool cleaning set
  • For medium-sized pool
  • Powerful vacuum
  • Comes with an adaptor to fit a standard garden hose


  • Manually operated

Budget Pick

U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Transparent Triangular Pool Vacuum

U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Transparent Triangular Pool Vacuum

The Weighted Transparent Triangular Pool Vacuum makes for a gentler cleaning performance for all pool types, including soft-walled Intex. Its swivel head can connect to 1.25 to 1.50-inch hose diameter. An EZ Clip handle lets you attach the vacuum head into the pole.

It has a transparent body that lets you see the bottom of your pool while cleaning. The transparent body may look delicate, but it’s made of sturdy plastic material. Its triangular shape easily goes around the corners to attend all spots of your pool. The vacuum is also weighted to help you get down to the bottom of your problem with ease.


  • Works with soft-sided pools
  • Well-designed triangular transparent body
  • Easily attach to standard hose
  • Durable


  • Need to purchase a separate pole

Nylon Bristles

U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Pool Vacuum with Nylon Side Bristles

U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Pool Vacuum Head with Nylon Side Bristles

This U.S. Pool Supply Weighted Pool Vacuum can be fully submerged to come in contact with the pool’s bottom, as well as suction deep-seated dirt there. It has nylon side bristles to brush the surface and loosen up algae. This helps ensure maximum cleaning effort.

You can also attach this vacuum to any universal 1 ¼ pool rod that you need to purchase separately. Optionally you can also get the Professional 12 Foot Aluminum Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole. An EZ clip mechanism will lock the pool vacuum into the pole. You can easily attach them without jamming. To provide better manoeuvrability, the unit is equipped with two air valves, which give better traction and release against the surface.


  • Weighted vacuum
  • Has nylon side brush
  • 2 air-relief valves
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to attach to a pole


  • Pole not included


Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Hayward W900 Wanda the Whale Above-Ground Pool Vacuum

Hayward’s Wanda the Whale is no fishy business when it comes to pool cleaning. This automatic cleaner can thoroughly clean above ground and inground pools regardless of size and shape. The patent SmartDrive steering helps you get the best and thoroughly-cleaned pool water.

Wanda does this by pulling the water up from the bottom as it moves around to improve water circulation. Then, it goes on every inch of your pool without missing a spot. Wanda’s unique gear system creates lesser noise than other pool vacuums. Its bumper ring helps reduce friction and keeps the unit from getting stuck on walls. It comes with a 32-foot hose that connects directly to skimmer.

Wanda the Whale is just a part of Hayward’s cool family of cute cartoon-inspired pool vacs. There’s also the orange AquaBug as another family member. These innovative vacs will make pool cleaning more fun even for kids—or kids at heart.


  • Best for all pool size and shapes
  • Improves water circulation
  • Creates less noise
  • Cute animal theme vacuum
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for pools with uneven floor
  • Premium price

Best Vacuum for Intex Pools—Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you want to free your hands from labor, then automatic pool cleaners exist for that very purpose. If you have a larger pool, then investing in an automatic pool vacuum is not a bad idea. In the long run, you will save much more if you know how to maintain it properly.

Moreover, these types of vacuums usually need backwashing after every task. This process will remove all dirt and debris that have accumulated while cleaning. Thus, keep in mind to wrap up your job with backwashing after every use.

Automatic pool vacuums can be expensive. But you can always get good deals if you know where to find them. Intex itself manufactures its own line of pool vacuums.

However, overwhelming purchases in the first quarter of 2020 mean they’re out of stock.

So, we’ll be giving you alternative products to get that clean and crisp water into your Intex pools.

Below are some of the most powerful and budget-friendly automatic cleaners that are the best vacuum for Intex pools.

Runner Up

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

Not all automatic pool vacuums remove smaller particles. However, the Aquabot APRVJR Pool Cleaner removes leaves and bark as well as the tiniest particles of about 2 microns! It filters out everything, including dander and bacteria, to keep you from resorting to chemical cleaners.

The Aquabot Junior stashes these particles away in its built-in two-micron filter bag. Furthermore, its powerful suction can clean about 70 water gallons per minute.

It’s also simple and easy to use, and feels more like a plug and play. Just turn it on, put it into the water, then go on with your day. Its power supply will last for about two to three hours, which guarantees a finished job by then.

You don’t even need to supervise it for tangled cords. The unit has an innovative adjustable axle pin to do this for you. If you want a more sanitary and thorough cleaning, then robots are the best vacuum choice for you.


  • Powerful vacuum
  • With non-marring wheels to keep the vinyl safe
  • Innovative plug-and-play
  • Cleanse all types of pool debris from larger to tiniest ones
  • Hydro-Robotic Technology


  • Premium price

Top Pick

Hayward W3PHS41CST AquaNaut 400 Pool Vacuum

Hayward W3PHS21CST AquaNaut Pool Vacuum

The rugged tires of the Hayward W3PHS21CST AquaNaut Pool Vacuum provide better traction as it goes about its work. It drives and functions smoothly, even on rough ground. The AquaNaut has 4-wheel drive for better stability. Moreover, this pool vacuum can maintain suction power with its adjustable roller skirt.

It cleanses every inch of your pool, as well as around drains with its pre-programmed steering sequences. This works best for inground pools by climbing up the walls to ensure a more thorough cleaning. It has patented V-Flex technology for optimum suction while reducing the risk of clogging at the same time. Even larger debris can pass through the unit without trouble.

Regardless of your pump flow, the features of the Hayward Aquanaut are easy to operate and maintain. Thus, they will work with any type of pump with variable speed.

This vacuum can function properly on any pool surface. Aside from your Intex pool, you can also use this on concrete, fiberglass, tile, or pebble swimming pools. And it doesn’t even waver for pools with deep ends. Clearly, this is the best vacuum for Intex pools and other similar pool constructions.


  • Better traction for all surfaces
  • Versatile
  • Can perform side and wall cleaning
  • Clog-free vacuum
  • Stable traction


  • Premium price

How to Buy the Best Vacuum for Intex Pools

Getting the best vacuum for Intex pools can be tricky. Keep in mind that these products have a soft wall interior since most of them are inflatable. Meaning, not every vacuum works for them. The liners are prone to damages when used with incompatible cleaners.

Here are some tips in choosing your pool vacuum:

  1. Choose a vinyl-safe pool vacuum
  2. Pick up durable materials
  3. Get cleaners that work efficiently on corners
  4. Work with your budget
  5. Consider your pool size and shape

Maintaining your above-ground pool is quite simple. Manual vacuums are excellent if you are tedious enough, with the time to spare. However, if you have a larger pool, it may require quite a lot of labor and effort on your part to keep it maintained.

Automatic cleaners are a good alternative if you want to finish the job quickly. Also, if you like an unsupervised pool cleaning, the innovative robotic technology cleaners are best. Always check the specs before purchasing anything. There are vacuums that only filter leaves, while there are others that only work with tiny debris. If you can, choose the one that can do both.

Pool vacuums not only help you make your pool water fresh looking, but they also save you money from constantly hiring professionals to clean your cloudy pool. Additionally, the best vacuum for Intex pools cleanses your pool without the necessity of dumping harmful chemicals into it.