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The Best Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow You’ll Need

Transporting heavy loads from one place to another gets more effortless with the help of a wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows are typically just pushcarts with either one or two wheels. One-wheeled wheelbarrows are ideal for lighter loads. These are the traditional types with one wheel in front and two stubs behind it for support.

The two-wheeled ones are heavy-duty and give more support, especially for heavy cargo. In this list, we will show you the list of the best two-wheel wheelbarrows that you can get. We’ll focus on two-wheeled carts since these are more versatile to use with more strength for added weight.

How to Choose the Best Two-wheel Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows vary in their material construction, types of handles, and their tire mechanism. They also have different load capacity or tub area. When it comes to storage, more modern versions today will allow you to fold or collapse the unit. Thus, you can easily stow it away in your garage without taking up much space. Here are some options to consider before picking out the one that will work best for you.


Remember that wheelbarrow tubs (where you actually place loads) have different material constructions. Some are made from plastic or polypropylene, and others are manufactured from steel. Steel wheelbarrows are of course much more durable and heavy duty.

However, polypropylene plastic is also resilient and reasonably priced. For small garden and domestic use, poly plastic is good enough. It’s also much lighter than its steel counterpart.

Tire Mechanism

Pneumatic and non-pneumatic are the adjectives that describe the tires. Pneumatic tires operate by air pressure. You need to pump air into them as you would with car or bike tires. These types of tires need to be routinely inflated as they tend to go flat sometimes. The non-pneumatic or airless tires are solid rubber. They hardly need maintenance, and that’s why they’re also called flat-free tires, but they’re not as smooth as the air-type tires.


There are two-handled and closed-handled wheelbarrows. The traditional two-handled wheelbarrows have unconnected bars on either side for easy tilting and flipping. Closed-handle wheelbarrows make pulling and pushing relatively easy with lesser strength requirements. However, they’re less convenient in terms of flipping and tilting.

The Best Two-Wheel Wheelbarrow

Now that you know what you should look for in a wheelbarrow, here’s our list of the best two-wheel wheelbarrows that fit the requirements.

Marathon Yard Rover

Marathon Yard Rover – 2 Tire Wheelbarrow Garden Cart - Green/Black

The Marathon Yard Rover has pneumatic wheels for easy lift, balance, and maneuvering. Its closed-handle design allows you to pull and push your load with less strength regardless of your body size and build. The 5-cubic foot tub is polypropylene plastic. It can contain up to 300-pounds of cargo and is decent enough for transporting any kind of materials.

The rust-proof tray will withstand elements so you’ll be able to use the wheelbarrow longer. It’s the best two-wheel wheelbarrow for residential use. The whole thing is very effortless to assemble. You will not need anything more than a flat-head screwdriver and a crescent wrench to put it together.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Polypropylene material
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Closed-handle
  • Easy to assemble
  • 5-cubic foot tray
  • 300 lbs haul capacity

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow Garden Cart w/Built-in Stand for Lawn, Gardening, Grass, Soil, Bricks, and Construction, Green

Best-Choice’s dual-wheel wheelbarrow has two inflatable 13-inch durable rubber tires. These tires give the cart a better advantage when you are pushing it across uneven ground and terrain.

In addition, the wheelbarrow’s closed handle has thick padding for a more comfortable grip. Its deep tub can hold up to 5 cubic feet per load. The powder-coated steel, polyurethane plastic, and rubber finish make it more rust resistant.

The Best Choice Wheelbarrow has an innovative design allowing for convenient stowing away. You can simply store this wheelbarrow vertically in place without fear of wear and tear. The stub under the tray provides more support and balance when it is not in use.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Powder-coated steel, polyurethane, and rubber
  • Pneumatic wheel
  • Closed handle with underside balance
  • Easy to store
  • 5-cubic foot tray
  • 330 lbs weight capacity

True Temper RP810 Dual Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow


True Temper RP810 Dual Wheel Poly Wheelbarrow


If you want something simple to flip or tilt, the True Temper RP810 wheelbarrow will do the job. The hardwood handles make it easier for you to maneuver the tool. Its deep tray can hold up to an 8-cubic foot heavy load. It has a polypropylene tub that resists corrosion and a steel undercarriage for more stability.

It’s lighter than most wheelbarrows. The 8-inch tube tires add to its maneuverability through various terrains. But if you want, you can always change the tires out with this True Temper Never-Flat Wheelbarrow Tire with Ribbed Tread. This tire is best if you’re not fond of inflating a flat wheelbarrow tire every time it’s required.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Poly tray and steel undercarriage
  • Pneumatic tube tire
  • Two handled
  • 8-cubic foot tray
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to tilt

Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow

If changing or pumping flat tires annoys you, then you can opt for the Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential from Marathon. It has two 13-inch solid polyurethane wheels that won’t pop and go flat. You won’t need to worry if it does run into something sharp on its way. It features a rust-proof poly tray that can hold up to 5 cubic feet of a load.


It can also handle a load capacity of up to 300 pounds. The close loop handle is made from durable powder-coated steel. It extends downward towards the wheel to provide balance and stability to the unit when not in use. Overall, this is the best two-wheel wheelbarrow that’s easy to set up and maintain.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Polypropylene
  • Non-pneumatic tires
  • Close-handled
  • 5-cubic foot tray
  • Handles 300 lbs haul capacity
  • Easy to set up
  • Does not need tire maintenance

Polar Trailer 8449 Cub Cart

Polar Trailer 8449 Cub Cart

With a load capacity of 400 pounds, the Polar Trailer Cub Cart makes an excellent addition to your hauling needs. Its tray can contain up to 7 cubic feet of a load. Thus, you’ll be able to use this cart for almost anything, including logs, wood, and bricks. The cart’s tray is made of high-impact polyethylene that makes it lightweight and durable.

This model is sturdy enough for both residential use as well as commercial use. The wide-rugged track tires are pneumatic and provide proper traction on any surface.

Additionally, the tires have shielded ball bearings. This means that the tires have gaps that allow you to re-grease the bearings for smooth operation every time. The Polar Trailer Cub is the best two-wheel wheelbarrow for heavy loads and hilly terrains.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Polyethylene tray
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Pneumatic tires with shielded bearings
  • Close-handled
  • 7-cubic foot tray
  • 400 lbs. load capacity

Strongway Garden Cart

Strongway Garden Cart

Wheelbarrow trays are designed with a curved tub to hold the load in place properly. Unless you are just dealing with mounds and debris, it’s often difficult to load and unload heavy objects. The Strongway Garden Cart has a rectangular design bed with a removable front panel for easy loading. It’s made with a rust-resistant steel bed with an aluminum-edge and plywood side panel.

This garden cart is the best two-wheel wheelbarrow for transporting filled sacks, pots, tools, and other materials. It has 22-inch pneumatic tires that allow for smooth transportation, even across gravel and uneven ground. The 7-cubic feet bed can hold about 300 lbs of weight. If you need a more versatile wheelbarrow for your home needs, this model might work best for you.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Steel bed with aluminum-edge plywood side panel
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Close-handled
  • Removable rear panel
  • 7-cubic rectangular bed
  • 300 lbs. load capacity

Gorilla Carts GCR-4 Poly Yard Cart


Gorilla Carts GCR-4 Poly Yard Cart

The thing about wheelbarrows is that they’re quite difficult to bring along. No matter how small its bed, you’ll still face difficulty in managing its handle. But sometimes you need to keep one conveniently in your car whenever lifting and transporting needs arise. So, you might want to consider getting this Yard Cart from Gorilla.

It has a foldable handle that fits in your trunk or any small space in your garage. It is easy to set up and you won’t need other tools once it is already assembled. The cart looks smaller than the standard wheelbarrow, but it can also bear up to 300 pounds of load capacity.

Furthermore, it has an impact-resistant poly bed that is durable for all working conditions. The 10-inch pneumatic tires also give better traction and smooth movement across all terrains. The cart has a lowered design to give it better stability against gravity.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Poly bed and metal frame
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Foldable close handle
  • 4-cubic feet tray
  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Lowered design

Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH Poly Bed Marine Cart

Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH Poly Bed Fish

Of course, we can’t leave out a wheelbarrow option you can use for fishing and sporting events. You can also use the Gorilla Carts GCO-5FSH for your gardening needs and lawn care. The best thing about these kinds of wheelbarrows is the portability. You can fold, stack, and stow it away when not in use.

This marine cart from Gorilla features a strong poly bed with a heavy-duty aluminum frame. These materials can withstand elements so that they will last longer without fading. Its 13-inch non-pneumatic tires are also perfect for all types of terrain. Moreover, it has a pull handle design that will manage up to 200 lbs. of load capacity.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Poly bed with aluminum frame
  • Flat-free solid tires
  • Pull-handle design
  • 200 lbs. capacity
  • Foldable

WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are not only useful in transporting mounds and garden materials; sometimes, they’re also essential in moving bulky furniture. However, with this particular design, it can become difficult to load heavier objects into it. The WORX Aerocart provides an answer for this with its 8-in-1 wheelbarrow. Aerocart’s 8-configurations include a wheelbarrow, dolly, extended dolly, and bag holder feature. You can also use it as a cylinder holder, plant mover, rock mover, or trailer mover.

You can easily shift the cart’s eight functions using the accessories included in your purchase. It’s called an Aerocart because of its turbo-lift design. This feature will substantially decrease the load’s weight to reduce the strain from you.

For example, a 200-pound haul will only feel like 17 pounds to you as the tool bears the burden itself. This Aerocart will save you from the dilemma of having a wheelbarrow you cannot use when the need arises. WORX Aerocart is the best two-wheel wheelbarrow with versatile as well as functional features.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • All steel
  • Flat-free tires
  • Two-handled
  • 8-in-1 function
  • 300 lbs. wheelbarrow capacity
  • With Turbo-lift Aerocart design

SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Powered Wheelbarrow


SuperHandy Ultra Duty Electric Powered Wheelbarrow Utility Cart

Why not make use of electricity for hauling loads? This electric cart from Super Handy is the best two-wheeled wheelbarrow when it comes to efficiency. It has a brushless motor that operates on two 12V 7Ah non-spill rechargeable batteries.

Furthermore, the powerful motor, as well as its variable speed, give the wheelbarrow a proficient weight ratio in all load conditions. Thus, there’s no need for you to pull, push, or lift anymore. Also, it doesn’t matter if it is going uphill or through difficult terrains.

It won’t even waver through sand, snow, or soil. This model is made of powder-coated steel for added durability. Its 13-inch Polyurethane tires provide better traction against different ground conditions.

Why You Should Consider This Wheelbarrow
  • Powder-coated steel
  • PU Tires
  • Two-handled
  • Operates with a rechargeable battery
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Variable speed
  • 4-cubic foot tray
  • 330 lbs. capacity

Final Thoughts

Gardening and hauling jobs can become even more effortless with the right equipment. Hence, the best two-wheel wheelbarrow is an essential aid for various lawns and yard work. It not only helps in lifting materials but also cuts your time in half while doing the job.

In addition, the right two-wheel wheelbarrow will take much of the physical strain from doing your work away and make your everyday tasks easier to accomplish. There’s a wide selection of these tools on the market. If you know what to look for in the best two-wheel wheelbarrow before buying, then you’ll surely get the best. Now you can dig and roll around your garden with the best cart the market has to offer.