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The Best Shower Panels – A New Shower Experience

Shower Panel is a feature-packed alternative to the traditional shower heads. Massage jets, rainfall waterfall style showers, led lights, and handheld sprayers all add to the best shower experience, and are common features with such shower panels or “shower spas”.

The obvious question you may have is how much work will have to be done to get one of these installed? Well, it depends. There are models that are simple drop-in replacements of your current showerhead, or some that require more effort.

If you’re doing a remodel or a newly built home, then keep in mind you will have a much easier time since there’s no need to tear out existing tile or plumbing.

Here’s what we’ve done to find the best shower panel:

Below you’ll find our top picks for the best shower panel system and we’ve noted the easily installed shower panels. Primarily, the Jet Pro Shower Spas are the easiest drop-in replacement for your shower head. For these it’s almost as simple as hanging a picture, you just have to hook up the water lines and install the mounting brackets. Keep that in mind when comparing cost with the other types of overhead shower panels here. If you need to hire a plumber it can become more expensive than the sticker price.

A shower panel system that you install yourself is not going to cost much more than a traditional shower heads. There are panels available at wide range of prices, and even basic models have a huge selection of features and spray options that you will love.

No matter what type of décor you have in your bathroom, there is a full body shower panel system that can accommodate your style. There are plenty of finish options to choose from. In fact, some shower panels even have a tub spout that you can use if you want to install the shower panel over a bathtub. You aren’t limited to using these in a walk-in shower! Now, on to our shower panel reviews:

Important Note

Occasionally, in product reviews, you will see complaints that a shower panel system is poorly packaged and arrived damaged with dents. If you’re in the middle of a home renovation and purchase a shower panel, from any manufacturer, don’t let it sit past the return date before inspecting it. You definitely want to avoid having a damaged product you’re stuck with and gives a poor showering experience, that could have been avoided.


Great Features

Perfetto Kitchen and Bath tower shower panel

Perfetto 65″ Rainfall Shower System

Licensed Plumber recommended and this type of shower panel completely replaces your existing valves and fixtures.

This Perfetto shower panel wins over the Decor Star model below because it has more body massage jets and is reasonably priced. All features can be used at the same time. The water jets are angle adjustable. This is an all-around great and affordable upgrade for your shower.

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The Perfetto shower panel’s height of 65″ combined with the spacing of the 8 body jets gives you a lot of freedom to position it for individuals of all heights. It’s recommended to have about 10″ to 12″ of clearance between your head and the rain shower.

  • 8 Spray Jets, Rainfall Waterfall Shower, Handheld Shower Wand
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Multi-function shower panel tower – all functions can be used simultaneously
  • Dimensions: 65″ H x 8.66″ W x 2.9″ D
  • Water Pressure Range: 29 psi to 72.7 psi
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 Gallons Per Minute
  • Warranty: 1 year limited parts

This shower panel is multi function and uses separate connections for hot and cold water and will completely replace your existing shower fixtures and valves. You may need to consult a professional plumber for installation. Although, a knowledgeable DIYer might be able to accomplish the installation.

Easy Install

Jet-Pro 1301 Imperial Shower Spa

Jet-Pro 1301 Imperial Shower Spa

Easily to install with existing mixing valve and is nearly as simple as hanging a picture.

The great thing about these Jet Pro models is that you can use your existing mixing valve and simply replace your shower head. Since this unit isn’t very tall you won’t get complete body coverage from the body jets, but being able to angle the large center jet helps compensate for this.

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The convenience of the Jet Pro and its positive showering experience can’t be understated. It’s easy to clean and is the simplest way of adding on jet sprays, handheld shower, and a rainfall showerhead to your existing shower with little work. The tall stainless steel shower panel systems look more impressive, but at the end of the day, you’re not getting a huge improvement function-wise over the simple Jet Pro models.

With that said, you might notice a price difference between the two. However, if you have to hire a plumber for the installation of the full-size shower panel then that savings disappears quickly.

Solid Performance

ELLO&ALLO Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System

Ello Allo PS12-S2 Shower Panel Tower

Easily to install but you can also opt for a professional plumber to ensure a good installation.

This shower panel has 4 adjustable nozzles, which allow you to turn on 2 of them simultaneously. It also provides 6 different showering modes with varying pressure and outputs, which allows it to offer varying levels of comfort. The long shower hose is also very convenient.

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This is one of the taller panels available, offering different features and as already mentioned, a built-in hand shower that is especially useful for washing pets.

  • Shower Panel Height: 59″
  • Width: 18.3″
  • Depth: 8.46″
  • Waterline connection type: 1/2″ FIP
  • Warranty policy: 2 years

The Ello Allo shower panel frame is high quality stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish. The shower panel comes with a LED lights and a display for water temperature, allowing you to adjust for the ideal water temperature.

More Shower Panels To Consider

Here’s a quick list of a few more shower panels that we reviewed below.

  1. AKDY JX-9821 AZ-9821 65″ Shower Panel
  2. Aston SPSS304 6-Jet Stainless Steel Shower Panel
  3. DreamLine SHCM-25780 Rainfall Hydrotherapy Shower Panel

8-Jet Shower Panel System

AKDY JX-9821 65″ Shower Panel

  • Pressure Range: 29 psi to 72.7 psi
  • Temp Control: Pressure Balance
  • Multi-function shower panel tower – all functions can be used simultaneously
  • 6 Body Sprays
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

With 6 body jets, rainfall and waterfall shower, and hand shower, it’s similar to the other models we recommended above. You can use all functions on the shower panel system at the same time.

The handheld shower on this model is rather small, and if you are installing this shower panel over a tub you can consider leaving the handheld off and you will be able to use the bottom water outlet as a tub filler.

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Aston 6-Jet Stainless Steel Shower

Aston SPSS304 6-Jet Stainless Steel Shower Panel

  • 6 Spray Jets, Rainfall Shower Head, Handheld Shower Head
  • Temp Control: Thermostatic
  • Dimensions: 55.75″ H x 11.6″ W x 19″ Depth
  • Shower extends about 19″ from the wall.
  • Stainless steel and easy to install

Aston has some very attractive and high quality shower panels, with nozzles that work independently. This model needs minimal assembly and comes with the hot and cold water hoses you will need. The connection required is 3/8″ male with compression threads. It’s recommended this shower panel system be installed by a licensed plumber.

Aston is a brand headquartered in Texas, so if you’re looking to buy products from a company based in the USA then this is a good choice. Having US-based customer support is a plus.

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DreamLine SHCM-25780 Rainfall Hydrotherapy Shower Panel

  • 6 Spray Jets, Rainfall Shower Head, and Handheld Shower
  • Temp Control: Thermostatic
  • Connection Type: 1/2″ FIP
  • Corner Installation Optional
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

This model by Dreamline is less bulky than any of the other models we’ve looked at. Feature-wise it has 6 jets with a rainfall shower and handheld. Customer support appears to be excellent with US-based service.

Optionally you can install this shower panel in a corner using the corner mounting bracket.

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Adequate Water Pressure

When you are looking for new shower panel systems, measuring the water pressure and flow rate that you have in your home is important. If your water pressure is on the low side (and you notice it in things like your tub spout), then you won’t be able to use more than one feature of the shower panel at the same time, which won’t lead to the best shower experience. For some models, that isn’t even an option anyway so don’t get discouraged

So what is normal water pressure in a home?

About 75 psi is considered normal. You may find your home’s water pressure is much higher, which can be good and bad. If you measure 100-150 psi, then that means your plumbing is under a lot of strain and can cause issues. Installing a pressure regulator is recommended, but check with a plumber!

There is still hope:

If you happen to have water pressure issues, you can set most panels so that the overhead shower feature pauses when you use the handheld or other jets on the shower panel.

Shower Panel Systems Installation Tips

  • Make sure to turn off the water before beginning.
  • Make sure the brackets are level before you drill the holes to install an overhead shower panel as well as after they are screwed in place.
  • Make sure that you connect the hot and the cold water to the right location.
  • When you drill the holes for the brackets, make sure to drill through plumbers tape so that you do not damage the tile or surface that you are attaching the panel.
  • Make sure to measure and mark the top, center, and bottom of the shower panel before beginning installation.
  • Always use wall anchors to ensure that the installation is secure.
  • Make sure to accommodate for the height of your family members.
  • Look for shower systems made of stainless steel parts.

Often, the instructions for installation can be a bit confusing. Here is an installation video that you might find useful as well.