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What Are the Best Hand Tools for the Money?

Hand tools are one category of items for which there are countless designs. But, before you get into the air-driven or frivolous electric power tools, it’s essential to cover the basics. Knowing your way around hand tools is like learning to write with a pen before getting to a keyboard.

Granted, it’s easier said than done. But, when the cards are on the table, you can get the job done regardless of what life throws at you.

The best hand tool offers unmatched diversity. They’re perfect for a myriad of repairs ranging from home and electronics to motor and the completion of countless DIY projects.

So, if you’re a motorhead on the quest for an incredible set of tools to tweak things under the hood, investing in the best hand tools is a smooth move to make. But, finding the perfect tool brand and mechanic tool that will meet your needs can be an uphill battle.

After all, the options are endless. And, to the unfamiliar eye, they all look very similar. Below we review a few top-rated hand tools that will narrow down your search. We’ve also summarized some key buying factors to consider that’ll ensure you’re happy with your choice.

1. Crescent CTK170CMP2 General Purpose Tool Set

Crescent CTK170CMP2 Tool Set

From the perfectly shaped dual-material screwdriver handles to the flawless chrome finish of its sockets, wrenches, and ratchets, the Crescent CTK170CMP2 provides an unmatched level of quality. It’s designed from chrome vanadium steel alloy, uniquely heat-treated, and formulated for superior strength and resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

From the hardened pawls and ratchet gears to the vapor-blasted screwdriver tips, all the tools of this set are built with durability in mind. The Crescent CTK170CMP2 is armed with the necessary tools required for a variety of industrial applications.

It includes ½”, ¼”, and 3/8″ fast-release ratchets with a broad range of deep and generic sockets in the most popular Metric and SAE sizes. And, all tools meet the stringent ASME and ANSI specifications. Furthermore, they have a satisfaction guarantee in tow.


  • Resistant to rust and water
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Tools meet stringent ASME and ANSI specifications
  • Flawless chrome finish
  • Set contains 170 pieces
  • Vast assortment of deep and standard sockets


  • Choking hazard to children below the age of 8 and pets
  • The box doesn’t safely hold the tools in place

2. DEKOPRO Tool Combination Package


DEKOPRO Toolbox Storage Case


Forged from top-grade steel and a high-quality chrome finish, the DEKOPRO Tool Combination Package delivers unrivaled durability, strength, and anti-corrosion protection. And, the entire set of tools exceeds ANSI stringent standards. It has tools required for minor repairs and most DIY tasks around the home. So, this makes the package suitable for construction workers, body shops, handymen, mechanics, and repairmen.

The vast assortment of top-grade ratchets, wrenches, 3/8″ and ¼” metric-sized sockets, tape measure, hammer, precision screwdriver, and more, ensure you get the job done to perfection. With the 72-tooth ratchet, for instance, you can effortlessly change direction by flicking the 5-degree switch. The array of ¼” screwdriver bits range from slotted and square to the star.

The hammer screwdriver and pliers deliver unmatched control and comfort. Housed in a handy blow-molded case for seamless tool portability and storage, its sturdy organizer and interior safely hold the contents in place. The chic black case of 17.5″ X 13.5″X 3.94″ enhances dirt resistance.


  • Unique and chic design
  • Provides anti-corrosion protection
  • Easy storage and portability
  • Complete tool varieties
  • Unmatched standards and quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable tools


  • Rubber grips come off easily
  • Lacks a wire cutter for all-round use

3. SOLUDE 82-Piece Home Repair Tools Kit

SOLUDE Home Repair Tools Kit

It’s perfect for those on the quest for a toolset to kick-off their collection but unwilling or not able to afford to shell out hundreds of dollars. The SOLUDE 82-Piece Home Repair Toolkit comprises anti-corrosion, durable, and sturdy chrome-plated contents that are built from a top-grade steel alloy. They’ll last a lifetime without succumbing to abscission or rust.

The fundamental toolset contains most of the necessary and useful items for daily use and home maintenance. So, you’ll find screwdrivers, tape measure, ratchet wrench, pliers, bits connectors, drive sockets, voltage tester pen, claw hammer, utility knife, insulation tape, and hardware kits.

Each tool is lightweight and provides a soft but firm, comfortable grip. And, they surpass the ANSI standards. This toolkit is ideal for construction workers and repairmen to conduct household repairs, furniture disassembling or assembling, woodwork, and everything in between.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent resistance to rust, corrosion, or abscission
  • Chic, sturdy, and durable chrome plating
  • Affordable
  • Easy storage
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Delivers a soft but firm, comfortable grip


  • Susceptible to damage with mishandling

4. 39-Piece CARTMAN Orange Toolset


CARTMAN Orange Tool Set


It’s the perfect option to accomplish repairs, general-purpose DIY projects, and maintenance in a garage, dormitory, garage, office, or shop. The 39-Piece CARTMAN Orange Toolset contains a 10″ tape measure, 8 oz claw hammer, 6″ slip joint pliers, 8″ scissors, bit driver, utility snap-off knife, precision screwdrivers, 2″ bit connector, SAE hex keys, and 1″ screwdriver bits.

These fundamental tools are designed with alluring orange accents, and chrome-plated and heat-treated to keep corrosion at bay. They also meet ANSI’s crucial standards.


  • Designed from high-strength and durable materials
  • Chrome-plated and heat-treated to prevent corrosion
  • Aesthetically appealing orange accents
  • Safely housed in a sturdy blow molded case
  • Tools meet the ANSI critical standards
  • Inexpensive


  • Latch may fall off if the case is mishandled

5. 8-Piece Channellock Professional Pliers Set

Channellock Professional Pliers Set

It’s packed with 7″ end-cutting pliers, 8″ long nose, 8″ wide adjustable wrench, 9.5″ XLT lineman’s pliers, 12″, 6.5″, and 9.5″ tongue & groove. And, with topnotch XLT Leverage Technology that translates to less force needed to cut compared to the standard high leverage, the Channellock Professional Pliers Set will give you value for money.

The laser heat-treated teeth, coupled with cutting edges, were designed with durability in mind and offer enhanced grip while getting the job done to perfection. For superior performance, the hand tools are built from high-carbon steel and specially layered coating for unmatched rust resistance. And, they have grips for comfort and stability.


  • Powerful cutting edge
  • Excellent strength in a streamlined design
  • Wide opening for tackling big DIY projects
  • Versatile
  • Enhanced grip
  • Rust-resistant which enhances durability


  • Premium price

6. 5-Piece IRWIN VISE-GRIP Pliers Set


This set is built from durable nickel chromium steel and has machined jaws to deliver optimum gripping strength. And, the pro-touch, anti-pinch, and non-slip grips provide unmatched control and comfort while diminishing hand fatigue.

The 5-Piece IRWIN VISE-GRIP Pliers Set comprises 6″ slip joint pliers, 8″ lineman’s pliers, a storage bag, 6″ diagonal cutting pliers, 10″ groove joint pliers, and a 10″ adjustable wrench. These hand tools with different-sized jaws are suitable for a myriad of DIY projects around a home, garage, or workshop.


  • Enhanced comfort and control
  • Minimal hand fatigue
  • Flexible for most DIY projects
  • Built from durable nickel chromium steel
  • Optimal gripping strength
  • Cost-friendly


  • Grips lack soft overmold

7. 123-Piece Amazon Basics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit


AmazonBasics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit Set With Case


Perfect for everyday home and car repairs, the 123-Piece Amazon Basics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit comes with a vast assortment of commonly used screwdriver bits, hex keys, and sockets. It displays the tool sizes in SAE and Metric, making it a breeze to find what you need in a jiffy.

With a sturdy storage case included that’s integrated with a comfortable carrying handle, keeping the contents neatly in place is a walk in the park, as is transporting them.

From tinkering around with your bike or car on a lazy Sunday afternoon to roadside repairs, the 123-Piece Amazon Basics Mechanic Socket Tool Kit delivers a useful collection of essentials. And, they have a fully polished chrome finish that makes corrosion or rust the least of your worries.

The reversible mechanism and quick-release switch facilitate seamless operation. Backed by a limited 1-year warranty, the kit contains ¼” sockets, ¼” deep sockets, hex keys, 3/8″ sockets, 25mm bits, and 3/8″ deep sockets.

Furthermore, it comes with accessories ranging from ¼” bit adapter, and ¼” drive handle, to ¼” and 3/8″ extension bar that makes it a breeze to access small, deep spaces. A 5/8″ spark plug socket and 3/8″ drive are also part of the package.


  • Easy accessibility
  • Limited 1-year warranty included
  • Anti-corrosion protection
  • Delivers unrivaled strength, durability, and torque
  • Comes with a case for enhanced portability and mobility
  • Inexpensive


  • The tools fall out of place each time the case is opened or closed

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Hand Tools

Here’s a breakdown of the essential buying factors that come into play to find the best hand tools to meet your needs.

Ease of Use

Hand tools should fit snug in your hand to deliver a firm and comfortable grip for optimum performance. Likewise, they should be designed to diminish the required force to complete your DIY projects because awkward postures while using hand tools can cause injury.

Quality of the Components

Choose hand tools that are built from top-grade materials such as stainless steel with chrome finishes because the lower-quality counterparts usher in inconveniences. Excellent quality components also improve your experience using the tool.


Endurance comes at a price. While hand tools designed from sturdy and durable materials are significantly costlier, they can last a lifetime, allowing them to be passed down for generations. In turn, these can have sentimental value.


Reputable manufacturers provide myriad hand tools in a single set that may contain well over 100 pieces for better versatility. It’s more cost-effective to buy the tools as a kit as opposed to individual purchases.


It’s recommended that you choose products that have a lifetime warranty. Such hand tools are built from harder yet lighter and durable materials. It’s the perfect balance to level up your user experience.

On the contrary, products that lack a warranty will get the job done but can let you down when you need them the most. You’ll get the short end of the stick if or when a mishap crops up.


Topnotch and reliable hand tools are significantly pricier but will serve you for decades down the road. On the contrary, cheap, and substandard options will succumb to warping and rusting or corrosion more frequently than pricier hand tools. In turn, they require frequent renewal which becomes pricey in the long run.


For starters, avoid hand tools whose handles contain built-in finger grooves. After all, finger size and replacement vary from one person to another.

Secondly, gravitate towards products that come with cushioned handles for optimum comfort during use. So, they should be layered with flexible plastic or foam.

Thirdly, select an option whose handles lack sharp seams or edges as they may cut and irritate your hand with prolonged use.

Lastly, spring-loaded handles are a better option when purchasing gripped and double-handed cutting hand tools. It’s a mechanism that will allow the handle to automatically revert to its open state, thus diminishing the likelihood of injury.

Using Hand Tools Safely

Keep your wrist straight and refrain from any awkward motions of hand tools. Inappropriate use of any kind may lead to injuries or incidents, and that’s the last thing you need. Hand tools containing sharp edges should be stored safely away from the reach of children and pets to prevent damage that may stem from accidental contact.

To Wrap It Up

We use hand tools for all kinds of home projects, and despite the wealth of options that are readily available in the market, our reviews pay close attention to recent innovations that give you value for your money. These run the gamut from one spectrum of the industry to another. And now that you know what to look for, you can take your pick.