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What Are the Best Bauer Power Tools?

Hand tools are great. They’re a lifesaver when it comes to getting the job done with impeccable results. By channeling immense power into your simple, human hand, they open up a whole world of possibilities.

While a well-equipped home garage may be set up to tackle DIY challenges, a great collection of power tools is key. As you might imagine, these can come in handy in many ways.

But, with the vast assortment of options currently littering the market, selecting an ideal power tool can be an uphill battle. To the unfamiliar eye, they might seem all the same. Let’s look at these below in more detail with an eye to value for money!

1. 20V Hypermax Lithium ½ Inch Bauer Drill

Bauer 20V Hypermax Lithium 1/2 in. Drill/Driver Kit

Are you looking for a reliable, high-performance drill that doesn’t require a connected power cord you have to yank around while working? Then check out the Bauer 20V Lithium ½ Inch Hypermax Drill. Designed for light and heavy tasks, the drill inserts fasteners into many types of hard materials.

This deluxe drill offers heavy-duty performance thanks to its all-metal construction and has an LED light to illuminate your work more clearly.

The ½ inch metal keyless chuck lets you efficiently change out fasteners and more on the fly. It also has a two-speed selector allowing you to vary the drill rate depending on the job.

Despite being made of metal, it’s somehow lightweight and compact, and fits well in your hand with its textured overmold grip. This does make working with the drill easier as you’ll tire out at a much slower rate. Lastly, we should mention it does come with an extendable two-year warranty.


  • All-metal product for durability
  • Two-speed drill-rate adjustment to vary RPM
  • Compact and lightweight
  • LED lighting for better visibility
  • Portable
  • 2-year (extendable) warranty
  • Textured overmold for a firm grip


  • Relatively high maintenance


2. 20V Hex Compact 1781C-B1 Hypermax Lithium, Bauer Driver Kit

20V Hex Compact 1781C-B1 Hypermax Lithium

This bad boy delivers 1300 inch lbs of torque! In fact, we believe the 1781C-B1 Hypermax Lithium can handles quite a range of tightening and fastening DIY projects in your home. And, it offers a ¼ inch cordless impact driver that ushers in easy fastening ASAP.

The quick-change chuck is another efficient feature here, allowing you to swiftly make bit changes as you go.

This is another tough, all-metal tool that’s light to handle and should last you a long time. The driver kit’s universal battery will power all 20V Bauer lithium products.


  • ¼ inch chuck for easy and fast changes
  • Long-lasting
  • Extendable two-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Minimal hand fatigue


  • Longer charging time


3. Hypermax 1792C-B1 Lithium Bauer Hammer Drill Kit

Hypermax 1792C-B1 Lithium Bauer Hammer Drill Kit

Despite its lightweight and compact design that enhances usability, the Hypermax 1792C-B1 is a high-performance product that delivers 200 beats per minute (BPM) for masonry or drilling tough concrete. Whether you’re looking to fasten or drill any bolt, this kit can suffice all your needs.

The all-metal gear construction guarantees heavy-duty performance with daily use. And, the LED lighting promotes visibility in dark spaces and allows you to also get the job done at nighttime. You have free rein to easily alternate between drill-only and hammer-drill modes, thus enhancing user-friendliness and efficiency.


  • 2-year extendable manufacturer’s warranty
  • Bright LED lighting for nighttime projects and dark spaces
  • Lightweight for comfortable handling
  • Ideal for masonry or drilling tough concrete
  • Efficient in all hammering projects
  • Compact, lightweight, and user-friendly


  • Frequent recharging


4. 64120 ½ Inch Extreme Torque Impact Bauer Heavy-Duty Wrench with A Rubber Nosepiece

64120 ½ Inch Extreme Torque Impact Bauer Heavy-Duty Wrench with A Rubber Nosepiece

A power drill offering 1050 ft. pounds of bolt breakaway torque that can handle stubborn fasteners, the 64120 Heavy-Duty Bauer Wrench should be on your short list of tools to buy. Strong, high-impact housing along with all-metal gear construction gives this option sufficient strength to stand up to tough jobs while keeping it together so to speak.

The rubber nosepiece safeguards rims as you get the project done. The high power 8.5 amp motor and a ½ inch anvil that has a heavy-duty hog ring should give secure socket retention.


  • 8.5 amp motor!
  • Secure socket retention
  • Excellent for high impact work
  • Rubber nosepiece for rim protection
  • Ideal for heavy-duty projects
  • Affordable


  • Torque power makes the wrench challenging to handle


5. 1641E-B Bauer Rotary Hammer Kit

1641E-B Bauer Rotary Hammer Kit

Armed with anti-vibration technology, the 1641E-B Bauer Rotary Hammer Kit gives a lot of power to the bit, along with with less power to the handle for precise and swift drilling. In turn, this should diminish hand fatigue. The dual controls (i.e., hammer-drill and hammer-only modes) give users free rein to alternate between hammering and drilling.

And, the variable speed control dial synchronizes with the speed to the application. Delivering an impact rate of 3900 BPM with 3.7 ft. lbs of impact energy, you can direct the 1641E-B Bauer Rotary Hammer Kit to pound through the toughest concrete, which makes it ideal for masonry. The dual position switch from precision drill to hammer drill enhances efficiency.


  • Superior power with the 10 amp motor
  • Shock absorbent
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Modifiable 360-degree handle for optimum comfort and control
  • Variable speed motor
  • Easy switch from the hammer to drill and vice versa for enhanced work efficiency
  • Minimal hand fatigue


  • Susceptible to damage if mishandled


Features To Consider When Buying Power Tools

A set of hand tools is a solid investment for any home or workshop, and they’re pretty much necessary for most DIY projects in your home. Individual tools and kits fall anywhere between $100 and $200.

The last thing you need is to fritter away your money on a product that won’t get the job done properly. So, we’ve rounded up some essential factors to consider that’ll help you select the right power tools to suit your budget and needs.

1. Battery

It’s a no-brainer that power tools cannot function without power, which is where the battery comes into play. Keep your eyes peeled for products that use lithium-ion batteries as they’re affordable, more stable, and can be recharged numerous times.

Moreover, they have a superior voltage capacity, energy density, and a lower self-discharge rate compared to other rechargeable options such as the archaic Nickel Cadmium models. In turn, they deliver enhanced power efficiency.

2. Weight/Size

While top-notch hand tools work to deliver useful power in a small package, keep in mind the duration you’ll be holding them. Typically, it’ll be with one hand and at times cramped into uncomfortable and small positions.

So, lightweight and compact power tools will provide easier access and a firmer, more comfortable grip compared to their heavier counterparts.

3. Item Count

Do you require a cordless drill or an entire kit? Do you presently need a drill but may require a circular saw or multi-tool down the line? If so, it’s advisable to get an entire kit as you’ll cut down on costs by essentially purchasing power tools in bulk. But, if you’re certain that you only need a drill, then you can invest in one without the extra tools found in a kit.

4. Motor

As mentioned above, power is a key element in power tools. A motor turns the generated power into a myriad of useful applications. So, when shopping around for power tools, check out the Torque per inch rating to determine the motor’s capability.

A brushless design is a marker of state-of-the-art motor technology in today’s era. It features a motor that adapts its power output to gel with the resistance it meets.

5. Brand

In this modern era, a myriad of power tool brands has littered the market. And, the truth is, some are out to make easy money. So, if you don’t select your brand wisely, you’ll get the short end of the stick. Therefore, it’s recommended that you conduct your due diligence and settle for brands such as Bauer that have a stellar reputation.

6. Drilling Capacity

This determines the optimum drilling diameter that is achievable with your drill. Drilling capacity mirrors the overall performance of the drill, ranging from speed to power. So, the greater the capacity, the more powerful the drill is. And, keep in mind that there are two sizes of the mandrel:

  • 13mm
  • 10mm

7. Initial and Maintenance Costs

Power tools should be within your budget. And, the pricing should be reasonable compared to what other resellers and manufacturers such as Bauer are offering on the market. So, ensure that add-ons such as blades are part of the purchase price otherwise if factored in separately, as these can skyrocket the total cost of hand tools.

Secondly, you should also budget a certain amount for replacement and maintenance costs. Actually, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to sales personnel and get a detailed cost breakdown to avoid budget overruns years or months down the road.

8. Safety Record

Consider the safety rating before buying hand tools. The easiest way to conduct your due diligence is to check online for the model and type you’re planning to buy. And, you should purchase from a reputable brand such as Bauer as more often than not, their products undergo rigorous safety tests.

Using power tools with unverified safety puts you and those around you in danger. So, refrain from getting complacent when using these handy gadgets.

Hand Tools Maintenance

As tough little beasts, power tools are built with longevity in mind. So, it, therefore, comes as no surprise then, that they’re designed from high-grade materials by reputable brands. Nonetheless, everything has a lifespan.

And, with occasional maintenance thrown into the mix, the lifespan of power tools can be significantly extended. In turn, this helps you get the most of your investment and your tools.

With that being said, we’ve rounded up a few maintenance tips that are simple to apply on a daily basis:

1. Cool Heated Tools

Overworking a tool when sawing hardwood or drilling into concrete, for instance, puts stress on its motor and may cause overheating. When this happens, give the tool a break, allowing it to cool. In turn, this prevents the burning out of parts or wearing out the motor.

2. Regular Cleaning

Power tools should be cleaned after each use before they’re safely tucked away for the night. Simply use a cloth to wipe dirt and debris from the outside casing. Compressed air is your best bet to clean the tools’ vents, compared to a brush that could push the dirt father inside, possibly leading to damage later on.

3. Calibration

As precision instruments, power tools have a myriad of moving parts that need to remain aligned. So, the tool maintenance schedule in the manual clearly outlines when power tools are due for recalibration, typically after a specified time frame in hours. And, most manufacturers offer calibration services for their products.

4. Battery Care

Lithium-ion batteries used in power tools should be stored in a climate-controlled area with no spikes in temperature. Avoid letting the battery run down before recharging it to prolong its life. And, manage heat by trying to prevent the battery from overheating.

5. Sharpen Blades and Bits

Avoid worn-out, blunt, or old saw blades and drill bits because it implies that you have to overwork your power tools to get the job done. In turn, this adds extra stress on the motor, which triggers damaged components and overheating.

Closing Remarks

Without a shadow of a doubt, power tools get the job done efficiently. Whether you’re a property owner or an expert at DIY tasks around your home, the perks of hand tools are hard to deny. So, if you’re looking to add to your toolbox, this guide is a great place to start.